Monday, July 2, 2007


Many of you may recognize Jerry from a previous post introducing our furry family members. Jerry is actually a dog I have been fostering from the shelter since sometime in late January. He was brought in by animal control. We don't know the actual circumstances but we know Jerry had been left chained to a pole outside. Jerry arrived in the shelter last October. He was terrified. Once in his kennel he would not come out. Neither volunteers nor staff could take him outside. So, they roped me into fostering him.

After 45 minutes of struggling with him to get him out of the kennel and into my car, off we went!! I had in the process scraped my hands on the asphalt of the parking lot holding on to him, strained every muscle in my back and arms trying to carry him (He weighs close to 50 pounds!), and had broken a sweat in cold weather. But he rode nice in the car and then we started all over again when we arrived at my house.

I won’t bore you with too many details but this is what we have endured. He would not go out and once out would not come in. He was terrified of a leash (from being choked on the chain before) and we would have to back him into a corner to hook him and then walk him outside. Once outside we had to leave the leash attached to him so we could catch him to bring him back in. Once in he would not come off the dog bed to eat or drink and we finally had to take the bowls to him. Troy could not get near him as Jerry would never growl or bite, but would back peddle so fast Troy was horrified he would give the dog a heart attack.

Weeks went by and Jerry got better. Months have now gone by and the improvements in Jerry are immense. Troy can now pet Jerry and sometimes play tug of war with him. Jerry has discovered he can bark. We weren’t sure if he could or not and the first time he barked it was so hoarse we were afraid he had a permanent injury. Well, he barks now!! Still sounds a little funny but he fits right in!! He will go in and out with no problem and will even go by himself. We have inched the food bowl back into the kitchen and the water bowl is no longer by his dog bed, but he prefers to drink outside. He will sit with a simple hand motion and he snores!!! He still has a few issues and will jump at unexpected sounds and still will shy away from Troy at times, but he is so much better!!

I need to say a thank you to Troy, my wonderful husband who has let me keep Jerry and knows I intend to adopt him. With four animals already, he has been a great sport!!

I am posting a before and after picture of Jerry. You will see his hair has gotten thicker and his whiskers have grown back in. I know I promised at the top of my blog that our newest member of the family would not be 4-legged or furry, but I am pretty sure he will be!!

So with a little TLC you can achieve anything!!



Becky and Keith said...

What a sweet story and yes, with a little love, anything can be possible! My big baby, Skipper, was tied up to our neighbors tree on a rope about 2 feet long in the middle of a thunder and lightening storm. He cried his little heart out until Keith went over and cut him off. We had him at our house for a MONTH before the neighbors realized he was missed. He is still scared to death of thunder and 4th of July is always a rough day around here. Last year, he was outside with us and go so scared he tried to climb in the hot tub with us (he's 120 pounds). CONGRATS on your adoption of your furry guy. Your little boy will love that he has so many 4 legged siblings. They provide such unconditional love! :-)

Allison said...

What a cutie! Isn't amazing what a little love and nurturing can do for the spirit!?!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jerry. He is so beautiful. His pictures don't do him justice. Another furry nephew or niece is always welcome!


P.S. Parker finally said Kip this weekend. Well, more like Ka Ka but close enough!

MandyJo013078 said...

Rachel -
I'm glad that you like my blog - your puppy is so cute! I love animals, but my allergies get the best of that so I don't have any pets. Are you and Troy applying for a boy or a girl? Do you know what region you'll be sent to? I'm so excited to hear about your journey as you'll be right in front of me as my application gets turned in at the end of this summer. Mandy Jo ....
I've always had a thing for ladybugs so when I found that bedding ... I just knew it was what I wanted for my nursery to be! :)