Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Vacation!

Wow - I know I sound like a broken record, but I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted.  For my peace of mind that I'm not a bad blogger, I will blame it on a very busy tax season this year including brand new software! 

It's also hard to post about life and post photos when I can't share information or photos about Tic Tac.  He is such an integral part of our lives and he is in every photo and in every story I want to share.  This week marks one year that he has been with us.  One whole blessed, amazing, trying, and wonderful year.  Oh, how I hope I can share more in the coming months!

At the end of a busy tax season always comes a few days off.  We decided this year to rent a condo in Destin, FL and visit Troy's granny and family.  Its been quite a few years since we've been, so it was a real treat.  The boys loved the beach.  Daniel was fearless running into a chilly surf day after day.  I even ventured in with him while Troy stayed ashore with Tic Tac.  Tic Tac liked the beach, but he LOVED the pool and most especially he loved a beach ball!

We realy had a nice time as a family, something I had been needing since I been working so many hours and really had not been able to spend as much time with the boys as I like. 

We visited Gator Land and the boys got to hold a baby gator and we got a cool photo.  It wasn't without mishap though - Troy and Daniel both got "gator-peed" on!!    Tic Tac and I stayed safely in the back of the photo!  Afterwards they got to feed the gators on cane poles and it was lots of fun!

Troy also ordered oysters at Panama's Joes our last night there and he bit into a real pearl!!  It was a natural pearl and a nice size!  No one there had ever had that happen before.  We had a jeweler look at it and while it wasn't valuable because it wasn't overly shiny or perfectly round it is a still a treasure!  Troy is having it set in a silver setting and added to a necklace I have!!

Without further ado...some photos of our beach week!