Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas - 2012 (Where does time go?)

Wow - I had no idea how far behind I was on this blog.  Well, maybe I did, but was too afraid to look!

Things are same old, same in our world.  We are enjoying every precious moment we have with Tic-Tac and wondering how many more we may be able to hold his precious life in our hands, hoping forever, but not daring to accept it yet.

Daniel has blossomed into a great older brother.  He is patient and kind and loving towards Tic-Tac.  Yes he gets frustrated with him, yes he tattles on him and yes he feels he gets ignored sometimes, but we make every effort to spend one on one time with Daniel when we can.

This year Christmas brought sickness to our house and I ended up in the ER two days before Christmas.  I had a stomach bug and just couldn't eat.  I went 7 days with no food and trying to get drink down and by the seventh day I couldn't even swallow drink.  I went to my family doctor early in the week and got medicine for nausea, but it didn't help.  Once I checked into the ER, I received some different meds and within a few hours, felt much better and was finally able to swallow drink and then move to soft foods.

We celebrated Santa gifts with the kids on Christmas and our gifts to them.  Daniel was a trooper when we told him we'd be having the rest of Christmas the following Sunday which is when we moved our annual Christmas Eve dinner to.  It worked out wonderfully as since it was after Christmas my sister-in-law and her family (from Iowa!!) and my very best friend of 20 years and counting and her hubby were also able to join us, along with the rest of both sides of our families!  We had a blast and all the children were spoiled rotten!!

Hoping this New Year brings lots of happiness and more children into the lives of those that want them!  The news out of Russia has saddened me, but I know there are many children right here and all over the world that still need homes.  If anyone has any questions about adoption or fostering, please email me.