Friday, August 23, 2013

July, August, 1st Day of 2nd Grade (2013)

We had the busiest summer this year of any summer!  July started off with a rather large cookout for July 4th at our house!  We had neighbors, friends, family and lots of good times.  The kids had a ball playing outdoors in water hose.  Nothing like a water hose to bring kids from 2-11 together to play!

Afterwards we did lots of sparklers with the older kids and had a ball.

During July we also celebrated Tic Tac's 2nd birthday!  We made Sesame Street themed fruit pies and just had family over for this one!

August also brought plenty to do.  We took a large shopping trip to some outlets and I got to visit my best friend.

August also brought our second foster child placement.  A little girl this time.  We feel so blessed even though she may never be ours to call our own.

Finally Daniel went to back to school this year as we were finally re-districted to the school we originally wanted.  He's had a great first week!