Monday, July 8, 2013

June 2013 - Kick Start To Summer!

This June started out with our summer vacation.  We ventured north this year to DuBois, PA.  Make sure you pronounce it Doo-BOYS or you will be corrected!  We stayed at Treasure Lake in a nice 2 bedroom townhouse.  We were able to take our boat and enjoy the Lake.  Tic Tac had his first boat ride and he loved dipping a fishing rod in and out of the lake.  We had to tie the rod to him though because we almost lost one when he pitched it overboard!  Daniel has become a master fisher.  He uses an open face reel and will give you a lesson if you need one using all the technical terms.  (He’s a mini-Troy)!

One day we rode through the Wilds and took a driving trail for Elk sightings.  We did see 4 Elk and they have the coolest pull offs where you can follow a trail to a large wooden blind and look out for Elk in the fields. 
The highlight of our trip was heading to Niagara Falls for a day.  We visited the national park on the American side only, since we don’t have border crossing documents for Tic Tac.  It was wonderful!  We had gorgeous weather!  For $5.00 the whole family could ride the trolley around the park all day!  I highly advise it – the kids loved it.  I made a new friend on the trolley (ask Troy), but that’s another story!!  We rode the Maid of the Mist – it launches on both sides of the border and returns you to the same side, so no passports needed!  Tic Tac would have nothing to do with the rain coats so he and I got soaked together!!  We also visited the Observation Deck and the Aquarium.  We ate lunch outside at a picnic table which an older couple volunteered to share with us.  We had a wonderful conversation and in the midst of it, Daniel asked them to guess where he was born.  They were amazed when he said “Russia” and that kept us talking for some time! 

The following weekend my mom rented several campsites at our local campground.  It used to be a KOA, but is a Good Sam’s park now.  It’s local and since I don’t love camping we travel and “day camp” and go home each evening.  The camp is situated on a river and there is a little beach, river tubing, a waterfall, pool, hottubs, nice bathrooms, and gameroom.  Yeah, I know…primitive, right! 

We had a ball!!  All the family comes and this year included two of my aunts and uncles, one we hardly ever get to see!!  They helped us celebrate Daniel’s birthday!  We cooked out, and did all the amenities.  River tubing and visiting the waterfall were our favorites, after getting over the shock of the cold water!!  Daniel was a wild man in the river and pool.  He could live in water if we let him.  Tic Tac also enjoyed both and is enjoying “jumping” off the side of the pool (with help) into my arms!  We’ve been dunking him under water ever since our trip to Destin in April.  He does just great with it and comes up laughing!

Daniel requested key lime pie, so we made it in cups and handed them out after dinner one night.  I can’t believe my baby boy is 7!!  He also ate about 100 s’mores over the weekend – mother of the year here!!!

Finally, we went to Virginia Beach for the day and got to meet some blogging celebrities!   Those of you who adopted around the same time we did may know Rob, Dede andLiam!  They came all the way from Texas to visit friends of theirs and we got to crash in on everyone for a day!  The kids enjoyed staying in the pool for 4+ hours!  I love how in the adoption world, you can feel comfortable with people you've never even met!  We ended the night with an awesome dinner and two very sleepy boys on the way home!

In between all this Daniel still finds time for summer camp 2 days a week and karate 3-4 days a week!!  Our schedule is nuts!!  Next stop - July!  Our weekends are crammed this summer and we are loving it!!