Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Do You Do When You've Weathered a Ton of Snow and Have a Bored Toddler? (Picture Post)

Why you pretend it's spring and replant the 9 baby aloe plants that have appeared in your 1 aloe plan pot.

You build things with Legos.

You grab a silly sleeping bag and cuddle on the couch for a movie.

You go to Playgroup (it was PJ day) and watch as your parents try to get all three of you to smile at once knowing full well it just isn't going to happen...and don't you just love the boots? They are about 3 sizes too big for him and he INSISTS on wearing them everywhere!! Whatever makes him happy!!

Lastly, you make balloon swords and proceed to battle with the swords even when you know no one could possibly win! (Thanks Granny for the balloon making stuff for Valentine's Day - Great Idea!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bath or Shower Debate (and Another Question to Debate)

Bath time used to be so much fun! I'll never forget repeating over and over "Scoop and Dump" in Russia using a little fish to scoop water and dump it back into the bathtub. And I'll definantly never forget when Daniel scooped water himself and quietly said "Scoop", "Dump". I was so stinkin' excited I probably called my mom, Tro's mom, my sisters, you get the point!

But lately, bath time hasn't been as much fun. We're constantly battling the water outside the tub - (and yes we've tried a clear curtain - Daniel won't have anything to do with a curtain in the bathtub). We've also dealt with him drinking bath water right in front of us even though I've told him a thousand times it's dirty, it's yucky, it has soap in it, etc. I've lost 2 full bottles of body shampoo to Daniel and the tub and then two days ago I left the bathroom to grab his PJs and by the time I got back in (as in 5 seconds later) he was hanging on the outside of the tub with just his feet.

At Christmas we asked for several new bath toys and received several including great markers for the tub and that curtailed things for about a month, but we're back to square one.

Well, after a particularly soaking bath time last week. I declared the bath tub off limits. No more baths, only showers. We've tried showers before, but they never went over well.

Well, three days ago I put Daniel in a shower after a minor meltdown and guess what? He liked it.

And guess what? The bathroom floor and walls stayed dry.

And guess what? I was more soaked than ever, but it's easier to change clothes than clean up a soaked bathroom.

And tonight - I only got a sleeve wet!

Daniel wasn't happy when I turned the shower off, but he'll learn. We'll be saving baths for special occassions - like when Granny's here!!

Lastly - here's a silly question - at what age did you remove the baby monitor from your child's bedroom? Daniel gets up on his own in the morning and comes directly to our room. He doesn't wake up in the middle of the night and cry out (knock on wood) and the last time he was sick he ran in my room and got me immediately.

While I certainly don't mind sleeping with the monitor on in our room, I was just curious. I fell asleep a few nights ago and forgot to turn it on and I was horrified with myself. I ran into his room only to find him sleeping away angelically and it got me thinking.

Oh and by the way the location of his room is across the living area off a small hallway, so our rooms aren't side by side.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

So much snow....

Yikes - and here I am feeling bad for the mailman!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow & Small Medical Update

What a terrible winter we're having. I'm not a big snow person so on top of the 2 plus feet we had a few weeks ago, two nights ago we had 7 inches and this weekend we're expecting more than a foot, and in some places they are saying between 2 and 4 feet. Oh help me.

We've all been sick lately too. I had Daniel to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and we ended up having chest xrays done again since he had pneumonia last year. Thankfully it hadn't gone that far this time and an antibiotic and neb treatments cleared him right up. Then I got sick and so did Troy. We've done rounds of antibiotics but are both still struggling.

I NEED summer!! Darn groundhog!

Other than that not much has been happening, thanks to the weather. Daniel and I continue to go to the library once or twice a week. He's become quite the little helper with cooking lately too. He helped me "decorate" homemade pizza's the other night and he loves to help shred potatoes, use the mixer, put cookies on the cookie sheet and stir anything on the stove. I gave up trying to keep him away from the stove because he wanted to help so much. Instead we had a long talk about how not to hurt yourself and so far so good. Of course he can nly be up to the stove when I am standing right there and we use about five oven mitts to block any burns!

Wednesday we had a follow up ultrasound and visit with the urologist. Things remain consistant and for now that is good. Everything looks about the same and they are still putting off any invasive procedures since Daniel is still potty training and they don't want to set him back. We speak a little more long term and the doctor did think that down the line he would be able to discharge Daniel at which point we would continue to see his pediatrician for blood pressure check ups and urine samples to monitor the kidney etc. I liked talking about Daniel being discharged!! It appears we will go back again in 3 months for another ultrasound.

I'll try to post some pictures later. Haven't taken too many lately (shocker!) since weve been dealing with the weather and the sickness. Hopefully we'll be back on track soon!!