Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Looking Ahead

That’s what we have been trying to do. I posted about our appointments with the International Adoption Doctor and the pediatrician (one in August and one in September). Now Troy and I have signed up for the Pre-Adopt Class 2 in October at our Agency at the Brentwood, Tennessee location. We already attended the Pre-Adopt Class 1 and think it was one of the best things we have ever done. We learned so much and gathered a bunch of information that we are grateful to have. We are looking forward to attending that class. On a side note, my grandmother is in Nashville and we can combine the trip to see her as well which works out wonderfully for us.

With one appointment each month it gives us something to look forward to and helps make the waiting a little easier as we feel that we are using the time to prepare as much as we can. It also gives us short-term waiting goals which I find are very helpful in the process. Hmmm...now for November...referral maybe??


Sira said...

The classes are so much fun. Please tell Brenda Barker Sira and Cliff say hello.
My parents live in Nashville and I too combined trips. The Brentwood office is wonderful

Michael and Carrie said...

Getting those appointments scheduled...good job! Are you going to the international adoption doctor before you receive your referral? We debated about this, so I'm interested in hearing other points of view. By the way, all of the CHI classes are very helpful!

Becky and Keith said...

I love your train of thought. Baby milestones - perfect! I really think I'm going to have to sign up for those Pre-Adopt Classes. I'll try to sign up for the one in October as well! Hopefully, they'll let me take it without having taken Pre-Adopt 1! Thanks so much for the other document today - you're taking such good care of me! :-)

Allison said...

What a great way to make the time go by. And it's great you're getting prepared with the IA doctor and the pre-adopt class. We've had a busy summer and now things are starting to slow down so I think the waiting is going to drive me crazy soon. I need to find some ways to pass the time too.

Carey and Norman said...

We are going to the next three pre-adoption classes in August, October, and December, so we'll see you then. That will be so fun to meet everyone in person after all our communication via the internet. We too are considering going to the UAB international adoption class in September, but we are waiting to see which one Becky and Keith are attending.

I'll respond to your e-mail tomorrow. Busy day back at work and we are doing dinner with Norman's grandmother tonight, so I won't have time to write.

Best wishes!!