Monday, July 16, 2007

What To Do, What To Do????

All is quiet on the adoption front right now. Troy and I are putting in every effort to get the items done on our list as mentioned in a previous post and now moved to the sidebar so we can keep up with it. It’s like a challenge now since it’s posted – No way out of it!! We did manage to knock off #16 this weekend which was to replace our basement back door. I’m glad that’s done!! We also have an appointment to have 4 trees removed out of our backyard in 3 weeks. Looking forward to that. Well, not really, but it will help. We have a partially wooded back yard and the trees are everywhere not just in one spot so we are taking out the ones that are leaning and are going to limb the other trees ourselves to allow for more sunlight and hopefully more grass!!

I also added to my blog today and “Email Me!” link under our photo. Feel free to email me anytime. Thanks Becky for helping get the up and going!! Becky and Keith also decided on a region and their dossier will be sent to Krasnoyarsk this Friday – Congratulations!!

We are looking forward to hearing when Melissa and Nathan reach Vlad safely. I expect their blog will be hopping with great news soon.

This week I have a goal to finish scrapbooking vacation pictures from last year!! I am so far behind and need to get that caught up. So, I am taking a break from closets until at least that vacation is done!!

Hopefully we'll have more exciting news to post in the near future...


JennStar said...

Hmmm, sounds like you should add the scrapbooking to the list- that way when you are done, it'll be one more thing to cross off. And let's face it, if it doesn't get done now, no telling when it will get done! LOL!!

Becky and Keith said...

I borrowed your lists, just added many more! And posted about them, not knowing you posted - too funny! You guys have plenty to keep you busy, wowzers... I'm jealous you're scrapbooking. I just ordered the Peanut's photo album for in between trips. Hopefully I'll start working on that soon. Thanks for the shoutout on your blog. :-) I'm so excited!

Suz said...

Hi Rachel, I just found your blog and look forward to traveling on the journey with you!

Sira said...

I know the waiting is tough! I am praying for you to get "the call" soon.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 on your "In between trips" list should be REGISTER FOR GIFTS AND HAVE A BABY SHOWER!!!!!

LOL! I'm not excited at all huh?