Monday, July 9, 2007

Belated Happy Fourth and Here’s to Late (Very Late) Spring Cleaning!!

I am sorry I am so late saying Happy Fourth and I hope every one had a good time. As for us, I had told Troy I needed an activity where I could squeal and laugh and be silly so we went to the beach. Great idea!! Troy, my sister Cat, her hubby Joe and myself all took off for Virginia Beach for the day!! We had a blast. The water was so cold. Joe and I barreled in and Troy soon followed and then Joe had to get Cat and drag her in. Once we were in we stayed in for 2 and ½ hours because we knew once we got out we weren’t getting back in!! Enjoy the silly pictures at the bottom of the post!!

In other news, and more exciting news: Accreditations from Russia started coming in!! There were 8 agencies in the first batch (ours was not included). This is a great sign and we hope to hear that our agency is next!! It could be any day now!! We hope to see many more referrals and many long awaited court dates in the coming months.

Also, Congratulations to Melissa and Nathan who received their court date of July 20th in Vlad. They will soon be the proud parents of Little I.

And finally...I have to admit that after reading Becky and Keith’s blog and at her mention of cleaning out closets, I decided I hated our closet and made Troy help me take every piece of clothing, every pair of shoes, purses, etc. out of the closet. After scrutinizing every item before putting it back in to the closet we managed to set out a pile of clothes for a garage sale over 4 feet high AND I threw away three pairs of shoes. I was so brave. Then, last night I bought $45.00 worth of cleaning supplies and off we went. We scrubbed the bathroom, we vacuumed, we swept, mopped, you name it. Our house has never looked better, so when I was out of things to do...

We made a list!! A list of items to get done “Before We Go To Russia” and a list of things to do “In Between Trips To Russia”. I love lists. It gives me a goal. We used a huge piece of 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper and wrote each item in real big writing. (This way we can’t ignore it and we feel like we have accomplished more when we cross it off.) We even added things that we most likely can’t get done, but will motivate us anyhow.

They look something like this:

Note: Moved to sidebar to keep up with it. Bold items have not been done. Unbold or regular font items have been completed - Let's see how many items we add and how many we get done!

Cat and Joe ------------------------------- Troy and I

Cat and I --------------------------------Looking for a wave

Troy ------------------------------------- Wild Blue Yonder


Anonymous said...

Great list! You'll add more to it I'm sure! You'll scratch off 1 then add 2 more! haha! It looks like you guys had a blast at the beach. I'm so jealous!


Becky and Keith said...

Hehehe... is it okay to confess that I did NOT get my closet cleaned out? :-) I started, I really did. I'm so proud of you getting rid of 3 pair of shoes! I can clean out clothes with the best of them, but getting rid of shoes is not my strong suit. :-) I love the pictures at the beach. Looks like you had an awesome time, lots of laughs and was just what you needed!

Michael and Carrie said...

I'm so glad you put your lists online! I'm going to print those off and keep them for our trips. I need to be preparing for these things, so we're ready when we finally get "the call!" Thanks for sharing them!

MandyJo013078 said...

Rachel -
You are so funny! I started yesterday with a personal trainer and your post reminded me of what he said about getting rid of clothes as soon as they don't fit you anymore. I'm glad that you are making lists of what you'd like to get done - that will give me something to remember when I'm at the waiting stage that you are at! Looks like you had a great time at the beach! I'm jealous - my fourth was pretty boring ... I worked for one of the ladies I nanny for! -Amanda :)

JennStar said...

I love lists, too!! I especially love when I can cross something off of my lists! I bought a notebook for our adoption simply for making lists! It stays in my purse!!
I found your blog from Becky's! It's great to see others in the process (especially those that are a little ahead of me, it gives me something to follow nad look forward to!). Off to add you to my blog roll!

Dede said...

I think closets must be on everyone's list! ;-) I have been working on ours for almost a year and they are still not ready. Looks like fun at the beach, thanks for the pics.

Your Big Sis said...

Now wait a minute! I cleaned your closet out for you not so long ago. When the guys laid your floor...remember, I risked my LIFE!Almost drowned in the process!!! Tidal Waves of clothes and Shoes. I even snuck a few things out I liked..hehehe..just kidding. NOT:)
Love the list...I DARE YOU, this will be fun to see you complete! I'll bring the popcorn..HEHEHE
No really it's a good list. Will you keep you occupied while waiting. HAD a blast at the beach. Lets do it again for a couple of days in september.
Love Ya, Cat