Friday, June 29, 2007

10 Things You May or May Not Know About Troy and I

I thought I would post something fun today as it is Friday!! So without further ado...

10 Things You May or May Not Know About Troy and I

1. We met in March 1996, were engaged in June 1996 and married in October (yep you guessed it) 1996.
2. We both love to fish. He didn’t believe me when I told him I loved to fish until I outfished him on our first fishing trip together.
3. We look for emergency rooms as a joke now when we travel – this is for Troy (broken ribs from a flipped 4-wheeler), (stung by a catfish in Florida), (deer antler through foot – don’t ask). Just to name a few!! We joke that we are on retainer at the local emergency room and have our own parking spot.
4. We love to travel. We especially like to cruise.
5. We both work full time and we both work part time (for adoption funds!). Troy works as an installer for a construction company and then works at AutoZone when he can. I work as a real estate paralegal and then work one day each weekend at the SPCA.
6. We both swam at the same lake in Florida probably at the same time! I lived in Orlando for 13 years growing up and Troy lived close by in Florida for a while also. He also used to swim in the same lake.
7. We still play “punchbug” and “woody” in the car when we go anywhere. And we never forget to yell “No Punch Back!”
8. We still hold hands, in the car, in the store, on roller coasters...
9. We still love each other after 10½ years!! (Shocker I know!!)
10. We are both so very excited waiting for a referral to meet our little one. This is truly an amazing experience and a roller coaster ride. We actually can’t wait to bring our little one home and then start it all over again (hopefully).


Anonymous said...

Awwww you guys are so cute! (bleh!) j/k Love you both! Have a great weekend!


Becky and Keith said...

Wow - 10 and 1/2 years, huh? How exciting! My dh grew up in Orlando too! I can'remember where exactly, but my MIL lives over near Colonial something-or-another? What a great (and fun!) post! I love that you out-fished Troy, but I betcha he wasn't too happy (or maybe he was very impressed!). Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

Great post. Nice to get to know you. You sound like a great couple.

Amy said...

Loved this post...loved reading about you guys. I meet my husband 11 years in August (day after his 25 birthday...we joke I was his best present ever...he heh he)
Thanks for sharing.

adoptedthree said...

Just stopped by from Maddies blog.

Your list was very cute and I must command you on your adoptions of your four legged friends! My DH and I joke that each time we adopt another dog we adopt a child. We had one dog, one child, two dogs two children, adopted a third dog (but lost our oldest dog) and you guessed it adopted our third child!!! My DH won't let me near the shelter anymore!

Good for you and the work u do at the SPCA.

Good luck on your journey

Dede said...

Enjoyed your list. We are almost on the same timeline with item #1. ;-) I look forward to following your blog during your journey. I believe we are with the same agency.