Monday, June 25, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Lately I have been feeling the need to stay busy, and well, that’s exactly what I have done. This weekend was a non-stop weekend. Saturday I hopped in the car with my parents and hit some yard sales in a neighborhood close by. I found the greatest stuff!! I bought a diaper genie for $4.00, some blocks for $3.00, and most importantly a pair of 12 month camouflage pants for the little one. (Troy is an avid outdoorsman – hope they fit. The baby that is, not Troy!!) I don’t even know if we’ll like to diaper genie, but for $4.00 you can’t go wrong. We had so much fun too. My mom and dad picked on each other the whole time and on me too of course. What fun family time. I also made sure to drive them one hundred miles an hour (in reality, probably about 25 mph) in between yard sales just to hear my dad yell about gas prices. (HA HA!!) Needless to say, after we stopped for breakfast, my mother got behind the wheel and wouldn’t let me drive anymore!! She said I needed the break.

My older sister Cathy “Cat” had a Creative Memories scrapbooking party later in the afternoon and (as I love to scrapbook) I went and had such a good time. She had tons of food and friends and we all scrapped short story cards and bought some goodies. I even won a door prize – how often does that happen?!?! I also bought some toddler stickers for an album of our little one.

On to Sunday and I had to pull my ten hour shift at the SPCA. Well, actually I managed to leave about ½ hour early. We adopted out a bunch of little kittens - It was a good day. We are so overrun with animals right now though that we have 2-3 dogs in one kennel and 6 kittens to a cage. I work for a no-kill shelter which means we don’t euthanize for space, and therefore, we have to stack cages. We have animals in hallways, bathrooms, you name it. Nothing like going to the ladies restroom and a cat appears under the stall!! I also had to remove a cat from the sink just so I could wash my hands. We can’t help how much we love those darn animals though.

I left ½ hour early because last night was my little sister’s graduation party. My mom bar-b-qued chicken and had pasta salad, homemade cold slaw (the only kind I’ll eat!), grilled hotdogs, fruit salad and about 4 different pies. Everything was yummy and we all had a good time. Congratulations again Cassandra!!

No news on the adoption front. We don’t really expect any for a while though. I plan to check in about once a month to see what is going on in our region, if I can wait that long!!

Special thanks to my mother in law, Barbara, who sent a bag of goodies to us on Friday. In it was a great tractor that makes all the great noises and is motorized. It will lift dirt and runs great!! We also got some hooded towels, some clothes, a changing pad, and some other toys that are going to be perfect. I can’t wait to see little one playing with them. And no – he won’t be spoiled – yeah right!!!!!!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention a congratulations to Adrienne and Jim (you can read their blog from the list of “Blogs I Read”). They now have their son, James Owen “Owen”, from Vladivostok, forever in their arms. Jim and Adrienne, we are so happy for you!! He is so precious!!


Debbie said...

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend.
And lots of goodies for your little one.

CAT said...

You should have WOKE me up to held "Defend you while yard sale "ing" w/the parents! Thanks for coming to my scrapbook party. That was fun!!!
I have thought of something. To help train you for the middle of the night wake ups. AND...Since I work night shift at the hospital and have access to a gazillion phones I am going to start calling you at various times of the night and let you know I need to go to the bathroom or I am thirsty. Isn't that a fantastic idea! Haha!

Becky and Keith said...

Oooo... See, I liked you already, but now that I know your SCRAPBOOK, I like you even more!! :-) :-) Sounds like you had a great weekend (and I'm sorry for not asking earlier!). We all need weekends like that and the fact that you got a $4 diaper genie, just topped it off! Let me know if you think of any snafus before I send my dossier in. I think I have most of everything ready. Maybe I'll have a region by end of this week, beginning of next? Whoohooo! Thanks for being so awesome and checking on me today...

Tami said...

Kudos to you for finding the Diaper Genie. I think you'll love it. When our kids were still in diapers it was a life saver! :) Speaking of which, I need to go to the basement and pull that thing out of storage...we'll be needing it when we bring home the next one! :)

Adrienne and Jim said...

Thank you for your congrats and for your comments!! We are so excited for you as you wait to meet your little one from Vlad. Your life will never be the same, and it is such a wonderful feeling holding your child in your arms :) I can't wait to read you are on your way.


PS Your hubby sounds as accident prone as my sister! She has a long list of ER visits too :)