Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Care/School Update

I am so glad we made the switch to Daniel's new school. I can't even begin to tell you the good changes we've seen in just over 2 weeks.

Daniel has not had a single potty accident at the new school, compared to about 1 a day and even going as far as peeing on his own cot the last 3 weeks at his other school.

Our happy little man in the evenings has now returned. He's talkative again, and so, so sweet and so much fun! Not that he wasn't any of those things before, but all those things were really starting to fade the last few weeks at the other school, but who can blame him.

He's started learning his letters and last night he told me all about the letter "C" and what sounds it makes. For some reason Daniel has really been fighting learning letters with me, but apparently the new school is making them stick!!

This morning he told me needed to take a toy to school for "Show and Tell". He was proud of the train he chose and I was thrilled he felt confident enough to be a part of "Show and Tell". He hadn't mentioned wanting to do this before and I didn't push it.

All in all I think he's really learning and the best part - he's not being bitten, pushed, hit or told nasty things!!

In other news, Daniel is still in swim lessons (I'll post a final review on those after this week) but I have to say that he's doing great and I think we have a future swim champion on the horizon. :)

We celebrated Daniel's birthday yesterday with cupcakes at his school and a small cake just for the three of us after dinner last night. We're having a family BBQ this weekend to celebrate a little bigger and will post some pictures of it after the fact.

It's hard to belive Daniel is 4. But I gotta tell you - I'm loving this age already!!!


Gloria said...

So glad to hear that the daycare/school situation is better. So happy to hear that Daniel is doing so well also. We are the best advocates for our kids and you guys did the right thing in getting him into the new place. Happy 4th Birthday Daniel!!!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

4 Rocks!!! happy birthday Daniel. . .soooo glad the school change has made such a positive difference!! Prayers contiue.

Mama Fish said...

I am loving hearing all about his new school! I love hearing how happy he is at home and how confident he is feeling. Yeah!! Our Small Fry is starting swim lessons on Monday, so we'll see how he does. :-) He puts his head under well, but he has to be holding my hands or at least a finger when he is in the water. Even with floaties on. I think he'll catch on quick though. And while he's a little ways away from 4 years old, I have to agree I love that age! So much fun!

Christine and Stephen said...

YAY ... so glad that the new school is going well!!!

Tracey and Chuck said...

So glad to hear that the new school is going so well! It definately makes it so much easier when they are happy at school. Matt is doing great at his school too! He starts swim lessons on saturday so we are hoping he does as well as Daniel is doing!!! Happy 4th Birthday Daniel!!!

Carey and Norman said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Daniel!

We are so thrilled to hear of Daniel's improvement and enjoyment in the new school. It is amazing how big of an influence other children can play in a child's life. I'm just glad he feels confident and secure in the new school. I'm sure you are glad that you made the switch!!

Craig and Phyllis said...

Wow, the change is incredible. So glad that it is working out so much better for him. Makes me a bit upset to see how much it had been affecting him, and I'm not even related!! Will be looking forward to 4th Birthday party pictures!

Patti said...

Happy birthday to Daniel!

Regarding his new school, all I can say is, wow, what a difference it makes when you put your child in an environment that isn't harrasing or threatening. I still can't believe the things that went on in his other school. It sounds like he is absolutely thriving now. I guess I need to work with Alex more with letters - we've never really sat down to go over them, but he does know quite a few anyway, thanks to school and having an older brother that teaches him things.