Thursday, July 1, 2010

Final Swim Lessons Verdict and Birthday Party Fun!

Well, these days, I'm so far behind that I'm going to do two posts in one. I'm even typing this post in one place and uploading the photos in another place! Summer is definitely here!!

Swim lessons were WONDERFUL!! Daniel thoroughly enjoyed it and so did I. We got there about 20 minutes early each day so Daniel could swim a little in the pool first. And let me tell you...he is a fish!! He loves to be under the water, as in all the time. He'll come up long enough for air and go right back under. Sometimes he stays under so long I start to panick, but then his head pops up. He can even do flat rolls under water without blinking. I can't do the rolls without getting water up my nose!

The next to last class the instructor approached me and said that Daniel really needed to move up a class even though he was barely 4. The next class starts at ages 5 and up. When I questioned her, she said she had already spoken to the instructor and he agreed to take Daniel on, so we start again in the new class at the end of July!! I'm looking forward to it! BTW, only one other girl got moved up and she 6 years old. The other two children (a 6 and a 4 and 1/2 year old) were not moved forward. I'm so proud of my fish!

The last day of class they got to jump off the diving board!! They started on the small one, then progresssed to the medium board. Daniel did great. The instructor let him go way under the water and only pushed him partway to the side of the pool before letting him go. And no I'm not exaggerating - Troy, myself, Daniel's Grandma and his Aunt Cassandra were all there to witness the historic event and cheer him on!!

In other news, last Sunday we had Daniel's official birthday party. We had family only and had a great time. We chose a pirate theme and cooked out lots of great food. Daniel gots lots of great presents including a "responsibility chart" (which by the way works great - thanks Aunt Cathy, Uncle Joe and Eli), a pirate ships that really shoots cannons (I've been shot at a thousand times by Daniel AND by Troy - thanks Granny and Grandpa and Ian), a Glow Station (which keeps Daniel shut up in the bathroom for half an hour at a time (a BIG thanks to Grandma!! :)), two sets of PJs which we desparetly needed (thanks Aunt Cassandra and soon to be Uncle Brett), a new Thomas motorized toothbrush and Toy Story Flossers (which Daniel wanted to take to bed with him (thanks Aunt Amber, Unlce Stephen, Parker and Ava), among a few other great things! Thanks to everyone!!


JennStar said...

Whew-hoo Daniel!!! Good job Buddy!!

Dede said...

Way to go Daniel Fish! ;-) Can't wait to get our guy in swim lessons. Looks like a fun birthday with lots of awesome gifts!

Carey and Norman said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel! That cake was awesome! I love pirate parties and hope to have one ourselves one day! How fun was that?

Glad Daniel enjoyed swim lessons...way to go jumping off the diving board!

Craig and Phyllis said...

I was never able to do what Daniel did even when I was a few years older. Still can't master the no water up the nose thing! : )

Daniel looks like he is growing so much in the picture with his hat on and his finger up in the air. How did that happen?!! The cake looks really good!

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It was very fun working on this blog and APPRECIATE your comments.

We will continue to follow your blog.

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