Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Address Update (Rob & Dede) & Call for Updates

Many of you who followed my blog from the beginning also followed Rob & Dede's journey to sweet Liam around the same time. They've changed their blog address and I wanted to get it out there, because I almost missed the switch, but I'm glad I didn't! It's so much fun to watch all our Russian born children grow.

You can re-subscribe to their blog here, plus see a couple of photos of their cutie!! In case you missed it, the post about the change in their subscription is here.

At the same time, if anyone has any changes to their blog address, doesn't want their blog listed on my sidebar anymore, or DOES want their blog listed on my sidebar - leave me a comment or drop me an email - it's been awhile since I've updated it and it's probably out of date - so that includes any lurkers out there - let me know who you are and your blog so I can follow yours too. I love, love, love to read everyone's journey and leave comments too because well, frankly, comments are the best!! (and it's doesn't have to just be Russian adoptions!)


Rob said...

Thanks for helping us get the word out!!

Becky and Keith said...

Me, Me! I want to stay on your blogroll! :-)

Patti said...

Rachel, please keep me on your blogroll. You are the person that really got us connected with other bloggers at the beginning stages of our adoption, so I'd like to stay in touch. This summer my goal is to post more blog entries than I have the past year. I will also try to post more comments on your blog as well - sorry!

Christine and Stephen said...


Please keep us on your blog roll ... I should figure out how to do this one day!!! It's great to connect with other families who have children from Russia!!!