Friday, January 22, 2010

Crib and Stroller Recalls

Recently there have been 2 recalls - 1 for cribs and 1 for strollers.

Guess what - we had BOTH.

The first is for the Graco strollers - Alano, Spree and Passage style. It has to do with the canopy. You can read more about it on Classy Mommy's blog here. I simply had to call and request a repair kit. While we don't use the canopy, we may in the future at some point, or at least I would feel more comfortable selling it/donating it down the road when we decide we no longer need it.

The second is for Dorel cribs. You can read more information about this on Classy Mommy's blog here. We bought the crib with no moving parts, but apparently there can still be problems.

Please check both your cribs and strollers. Let's keep our precious children safe.


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Luckily, we're out of the crib and our stroller--that we still use--is an LLBean jogging stroller! The other one we bought in Kras and will be given to Aidan when he has kids. . .mo idea of that brand!!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Rachel,
This is good to know! What are the chances - I can't believe you happened to have both.
Thanks so much for posting this!
Have a great weekend,

Amber said...

Our crib was on it too, under the brand "Stork Craft" so make sure you check it out everyone!