Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ramblings of a Mother

Oh my, Oh my. It seems lately that while I have so many things to say about Daniel that I just can't seem to get them down into any kind of readable format. So today, if you don't mind, I'm going to ramble.

Daniel is growing. Fast. I mean super fast, as in his 3T's are going to barely make it through winter and I only have 3T summer clothes. I think the shorts will fit since he has the tiny waist, but the shirts are going to be way too short. His shoes are the same story. One pair every couple of months. At this rate, I'm afraid he's going to tower over me at the ripe old age of 8.

Speaking of ripe old age, Daniel told Troy and I that he was going to go to the store "by myself". I asked him how he was going to get there and I got the response of "I'm going to drive the truck". When I asked how he would reach the pedals he said "I'm just going to drive the truck." Well that settles it. I'm making a grocery list for him now (LOL!)

Are your 3 year olds back seat drivers? Mine sure is! As in constant "Green light Mommy, GO!" or my personal favorite "Stop sign Mommy...You didn't stop Mommy". I rolled people, I rolled and no one was coming, I swear!

"I can do it myself" is the newest phrase of the house. And let me tell you he can do just about anything if he puts his mind to it. I can't believe some of the things he can do! Did you know when he's in his "I can do it myself" mode that he CAN actually brush his teeth nicely or wash his hands properly on his own?! (I use the term properly loosely. I don't expect him to scrub his fingernails with a brush or anything – just overall cleanliness.)

Did you know that buying a child 14 new pairs of underwear to try to combat doing laundry every day or two motivates them to stop peeing in their underwear? We do still have an accident every couple of days, but suddenly Daniel is starting to stay dry ALL DAY!!!! But really, after we bought him 14 new pairs of underwear? I'm out of pants before I'm out of underwear now!!

We have follow ups on the 3rd of February to look at his kidney and bladder again. Please keep praying they keep healing. We're amazed by his healing already! Thank you Lord and all our prayer warriors!

Daniel is getting much better at playing actual games now like Whack A Mole, Matching games, etc. He used to be terrible at Whack A Mole and we would spend more time laughing than playing. Then two nights ago I sat on the floor for a round with Daniel and he clicked 2 moles and I took 2 moles and suddenly I found myself IN COMPETITION with a 3 year old. I'm not even sure I won. When did that happen?

Oh, he's starting to eat us out of house and home. He ate more than I did last weekend. As in 2 fried eggs with grits, bacon, toast with jelly, and a drink. When he asked for a second egg we happily obliged, but boy we were surprised when he cleaned his plate! Last night he ate salad. Really? Do 3 year olds like salad? He begged for lettuce so I chopped it into fine little squares, put ranch on it, mixed it up and he asked for thirds. I just never imagined!

Speaking of imagining things, Daniel imagination has taken off. You might have read on Facebook the other day that Daniel had Troy and I really laughing because he ran in our room and said "Mommy, there's a dragon in the house. I have to get it with my sword." Then looks from me to Troy and back and says "Where is my sword?" He also pretend speaks between his trains. It's so cute because he'll say something like '"Please move out of my way Diesel," said Rusty'. He always includes whoever said it in his conversation. I think that comes from reading so much (says Mommy).

As for reading, we picked up a book with CD while we were on the Polar Express. It dings when you turn the page and it took one page turn for Daniel to figure that out. He LOVES listening to a book on CD now! We only have the one, because I still like to read to him, but he's good at telling me when he wants to read with the CD and when he wants me to read, which is still always before bedtime!

Well, I've rambled enough. While I could probably come up with more, that's all I've got time for today! And here's the star of the blog himself...


Jackie said...

Oh Rachel- I just loved reading all the updates on Daniel! He is so much farther along than our little Small Fry. I know he has been home longer too, but it helps me to see what Daniel is doing!

I love that he talks to his trains and has conversations. Small Fry is "into" Thomas too, and he can name so many of the trains. I am so clueless! lol!

He must be going through a growth spurt with all that eating! Small Fry loves lettuce too, and carrots and tomatoes. And any fruit! That is so good for them!

Speaking of driving... if Small Fry sees a light turn green he will say "Go mom", and when I don't go, (because of a line of cars in front of me)... he'll get frustrated and tell me again more emphatically... "GO MOM". LOL! I laughed when you said you were sending Daniel to the store with a grocery list!

My latest thing is books on CD, but I never even thought about the little guy. What a GREAT activity I can have him do while I am working with the big guys at school. Great idea!!

I'll be praying for his appointment on the third. Gosh, I could have commented on more... but I've already written a book! Thanks for rambling such a fun update!

Kim and Lance said...

I, too have a midget back seat driver. When he was younger and couldn't pronounce his "g" sound, all I would hear from the back of the car was "Doh, Mommy, Doh!!" Some days I miss that!

I'm also told quite frequently that "this isn't the way we go to 'X'" Thank you son, I wasn't aware that I was lost! I remind him that Mommy is in charge of the car, thankyouverymuch!

Thanks for stopping by our blog. I had yours bookmarked and read it all along with Daniels adoption. When I clicked on the link, I said to my husband "Look, I know them!" It's a small world, isn't it?

Warm regards,

Roger and Joanne said...

It was wonderful reading all of Daniels achievements. He sure is growing. My almost 3 y/o is still wearing 18-24 mos clothes or 2's. I hope he'll hit a growth spurt one day like that. My daughter also says "Green, Go!" Limited language skills still, but a backseat driver nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.

Dede said...

Look out...sounds like Daniel is on a growing spree! We are out of the 3T's and into 4T's because all his pants were above his ankles. Our boys sound so much alike, I wish we lived where they could play together.

Kristine said...

He is just precious! Glad to hear things are going so surpise though with the two parents he's got!

Kami said...

I'm so glad Daniel is doing so well, Rachel! I love hearing all the funny things he says. It's so funny how much he and J are alike! Too bad we live so far apart..I think they would be great buddies! Oh and I am also praying for him that his appointment goes well! :)

Amy said...

What a face!! I tried looking for you on facebook but I couldn't get you via beagle email and there were a million Rachel Williams! :) Look for me under or Amy Repp

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Rachel,
Daniel is so cute - I am so happy to hear he is doing well! Also, That is great that he is such a good eater! I can't believe how big these little ones get so fast!
I will pray for his continued healing and best wishes with his appointments.
Have a great weekend!

Craig and Phyllis said...

All those stories were so cute! I loved his train conversations with the "said ___". Too funny!

I have an 8 year old backseat driver. It is hard to take when you have a child that never rode in a car for 7 years of his life and he is telling me to "Go!" : )Oh well, revenge can be sweet in 8 more years!!

We also get hit with those growth spurts. Watch out when Daniel get about 6 years older. It is unbelievable how much boys can put down.

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Daniel sounds just like Aidan!!! And the outgrowing the clothes, thing--OMG!! I'm worried I'm going to have to buy 4t pants before February! If I can just feel okay with a liitle bit of flood syndrome until shorts time. . .but, that is still several months away! I'm only 5' 1" so our family joke is that Aidan will pass me up by the time he's 5. . .he's growing up waaaaayyyyy too fast!

Jane and Jim said...

He's doing awesome!
YES, I have 2 backseat drivers!
Same thing over here with the pretending too - mine will get their jackets on and say they're going outside to find and kill monsters. Sometimes, the monsters make it into the house - that's NOT fun!
Crazy toddlers!