Sunday, June 28, 2009

Revisiting Nap Time, Big Boy Bed and Raw Cauliflower

Remember my post that surprisingly I was enjoying Daniel growing out of his naps? Well, I think I might like to rephrase that particular paragraph of that post.

It seems like tiredness may bring out a certain little monster in a certain little boy that I love. In the last month or so we have had so many busy weekends including wedding weekend, birthday party, lake day Discoveroo, First Fishing Trip to name a few. Then Friday, a week ago, I took Daniel to the local mall to play a bit because I had some other errands to run. We walked into the mall and I let go of Daniel’s hand. Daniel has always stayed close and never really strayed from my side and I keep a constant eye on him, plus our mall is dead. I’m surprised they call it a mall anymore because I think there are only about 12 stores left in it. At any rate, Daniel shot off like a bat out of you know where and when I yelled stop, he laughed and kept right on going. It took me more than half the mall to catch up to him and when I did, I was stark raving mad. It was all I could do to sit him on his bottom next to a closed store and say “time out!”. Once time out was over I told him we were leaving since he did not listen. He decided to get really nasty and so I carried my child like a sack of potatos under my arm through more than half the mall kicking and screaming. It took me probably 10 minutes to get him in his car seat from all his bucking and wildness and then he continued to scream all the way home. Once home, I put him directly into his bed and he continued screamed about 10 more minutes before he finally fell blissfully silent. He slept for 3 and a half hours and woke up the child I know and love.

Since then he’s thrown 2 more tantrums, but thankfully they haven’t lasted nearly as long and the last one lasted about 30 seconds because I sent him directly to his room and I suppose he’s realized that I’m not putting up with it and he’s getting nowhere fast.

However, in the interim we have figured out that he only has these tantrums on days he doesn’t nap. This had not been a problem in the past and I can’t help but wonder if he’s going through a growing spurt. He’s suddenly eating me out of house and home – as in a grilled cheese sandwhich AND a another half AND a bowl of soup just last night. Well, maybe not out of house and home, but for him it is! Plus his naps have been lasting almost 3 hours and he wakes up so sweet.

So for now, nap time it is!!

And in honor of nap time, our big 3 year old now sleeps in his very own big boy bed!! We converted his crib last night and he LOVES it!! He went right down and stayed in his bed. He helped Troy with the “man work” while Mommy did the “girlie work” and took photos!! And by the way – a photo taking hint: ask your child to show their teeth instead of smile for the camera – it actually worked!! Now if only I had thought of that, say, a year ago…sigh!!!

In other odd and interesting news, I managed to choke on raw cauliflower this past Wednesday night. It took me maybe 30 seconds to cough it back up as it had broken into small pieces in my throat. I was fine but my throat hurt severely. I started a fever Thursday, went the doctor Friday with a 102.3 degree fever and they immediately sent me for a chest x-ray. Apparently it went down my bronchial tubes and into my right lung. There’s no cauliflower left, but my right lung is inflamed and my throat is severely scratched. When I went to the doctor it was taking me 3 swallows to get down one small sip of Gatorade. I was pretty scared. Thankfully after about a thousand Ibruprofen and an antibiotic, I’m better today, and living on mashed potatos, but I sound horrible. I have almost no voice and Troy likes to make fun of me! So word to the wise, or maybe I’m the only one who never gave it a second thought – be very careful with raw cauliflower – one of my favorite treats.

Enjoy some photos!

Here is Troy and Daniel doing the "man's work".

Here is Daniel "making" his bed! He will not allow a pillow case on his pillow. If I put one on, he takes it off once I leave the room. I try to sneak one on every week once a week and it always comes immediately off. One of these days....

Loving the new and improved big boy bed!

There's a story behind this motorcycle - I'll have to make it another post. Troy actually turned this motorcycle from a "regular" motorcycle into a "hardtail". He's so crafty! And he says I'm to let everyone know that it's not quite finished.

Tonight I walk into Daniel's room and both boys have their shirts off. I was informed it was shirtless play time and I was not invited. By the way, the racetrack we picked up brand new at a yard sale for one buck! Cha Ching!!


Kami said...

I sooo understand what you mean by no naps equaling a mischievious child! I always know when J is getting tired because he stops listening and gets really unreasonable. Funny that you posted about that since I just posted about J having a tantrum in the pool after refusing to nap! Silly boys! But, I am so glad you posted that, I now know that I am not the only one who goes through that! I am also sorry to hear about the Califlower incident. Wow! Who would of known that Califlower could have done that? I hope you feel better soon! :)

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Naps are our friends. . .Say this with me: Naps are our friends! : ) I have been thinking we could "shorten" Aidan's nap, but I refuse to give it up just yet! Monster boy lurks very close when nap isn't observed!

Hope you're feeling better! Gosh, that would be scary!

Becky and Keith said...

Are you sure you didn't cut and past this from one of my blog posts last year?? You know the term "terrible two's"? Well, it's al lie... Welcome to the totally terrible, tremendously troublesome terrible three's! I kid you not - this is when kids like to start thinking they are boss. The one and only thing that got me through it was giving options. I'll email you more, but boy oh boy do I feel your pain! Those sack of potatoes are darn heavy aren't they?? I had the same exact scenario and after trying to get Andrew in his car seat, I gave up and sat on the floor of the car and balled my eyes out. :-) Ahhhh... memories. I'm SO sorry about the cauliflower! It sounds so, so painful and am glad you are on the mend. Those darn vegetables - see now if you'd been eating chocolate you would have been FINE! :-)


Barbara said...

Naps are a good thing! aaawww, he's in a big boy bed! Growing up so fast! Hope you're feeling better. Parker got choked on a bite of ice cream Sat while I was there!!! Amber had to do the heimlich maneuver. Scared us to death!

Christine and Stephen said...

Hope you feel better soon ... sounds like a scary incident. I like the new big boy bed. Great pictures ... thanks for sharing and I will remember the tip about naps!!!


the7houks said...

Ah yes, the nap...with it late to bed, without it, the bewitching hour...Oh to be 3!! Charlie has only been home two weeks and we are trying to figure out if we are going to keep the nap (can't get him down during the day-only if he falls asleep in the car...).

Yikes about the cauliflower...

Amy said...

I was always highly jealous of the shirtlessness guys can do!!

Great pics!!

hoping the tantrums go back where they came from!!

Roger and Joanne said...

Wow! I didn't realize swallowing something the wrong way could create all that. I'm glad to hear you're okay.

Yea! Big boy bed! Maybe he'll like his naps better with the new bed.

Great get on the racetrack!

Jill said...

Wow...your trip to the mall sounds like ours to Wal-mart Sunday. Mari had a timeout sitting next to the jewelry was not pretty and it was loud! But after she realized "Mommy didn't care," she climbed into the cart and was good the rest of the time.

Sorry about the cauliflower...that's scary. My brother got a pill lodged in his throat one time and had a similar issue with the sore throat, hoarseness. They recommended he drink maalox every few hours to coat his really seemed to help.

Dede said...

The mall tantrum is very familiar sounding. I think they have actually gotten worse since Liam turned 3. It's comforting to know we are all experiencing the same thing. Congrats on moving to the big boy bed. We haven't made the transition yet. I'm a bit scared about how we will keep him in bed once he can get up on his own. You'll have to keep us posted on how that goes. Sorry to hear about the cauliflower incident. That's a bit scary; I'm glad you're feeling better!

Jenny and Randy said...

Girlfriend, I feel your pain on the "sack of potatoes" carry and accompanying tantrum! I have so been there. We had also been giving up the nap with our older guy, but once summer hit with all the time spent out in the sun, heat and fresh air, naps have quickly found their way right back into his day. He just gets too exhausted with all the playing outside, and we ALL do better when he naps.

Wow, what an ordeal with the cauliflower. I'm glad you are okay and feeling better!

Amy said...

OMG!!!! Be careful with the cauliflower. Now I have another reason not to eat it ;-)

I can totaly relate to not wanting your children to give up that wonderful afternoon nap. My oldest stopped at 2 1/2 years. UGH! And PPAL would have slept during the afternoon until she was 6 (but then would not go to bed at 7:30). Its hard trying to keep a 2.5 yo quiet while his sister is sleeping.

Vicki said...

Awwwww, I remember those nap time dilemma days with Emily. We ended up phasing them out b/c like you said, some days she needed them, some she didn't. Had to giggle at the image of you toting him out of the mall, though - hilarious! Since it wasn't me anyway, ha ha!!! Am glad you are ok - the cauliflower incident sounds very scary! And the shirtless play time is priceless - just too cute! Gotta run, my "squawkbox" is letting me know she's up from her nap ;-). Take care!

Craig and Phyllis said...

Don't you just wish that someone would put us down for naps?!! As I would rock my two til they fell asleep, I would wonder why God had it that little babies and children needed the naps, but it was the parents that were the ones dying for one! We have the 3 boys lie down on Sunday afternoons after church and dinner. They do not like it, but Ryan told them "Since God rested on the 7th day, so do we!" amd we so love that time of quiet.

I never knew that cauliflower could be so dangerous! I know that you could "choke" a little, but I never realized the seriousness of it. Glad to hear that you are going to be just fine. As someone else said, it does sound like a good case for sticking with chocolate! : )

Tony and Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about the throat - I always knew there was a reason not to eat that stuff! I find myself trying to compare Dima to my oldest son (18 YOA) when he was six. That is wrong as they had completely different childhoods. Actually, Dima is probably more like I was - a handful. After watching my 18 year old graduate a few weeks back, my best advice is to be stern - then pick him up and hug him. They grow up soooo fast.

God Bless -

Tony B.

Jane and Jim said...

Great post!
1 Naps are a MUST at our house or the horns come out.
2 I can't believe you got that train toy stand thing a ma bob for a buck! WOW!
3 I'm so sorry about your throat and lung - that's crazy! You were doing good by eating healthy and look what happened??! Poor girl.

Carey and Norman said...


So sorry I missed this post. I'm sorry to hear about your incident with the cauliflower...that is terrible and scary!

I cannot imagine Daniel running through the mall and you carrying him back to the car kicking and screaming. One of those proud, parent moments...we all have them. Our daughter peed recently in a restaurant while we were waiting for our food to go. She told me that she needed to go (we had just gone 5 minutes earlier). I asked if she could wait...well, apparently not as about 2 gallons came flushing out of her like a cannon. So, looks like we might be in the running for parent of the year (my fourth nomination). Ha.