Monday, June 15, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding and Daniel's Funny Sayings

My best friend of over 17 years got married this past Saturday. I was the Matron of Honor and Daniel was the ring bearer. It was a very BUSY weekend and Daniel did alright considering how crazed his schedule was. Daniel and I left in a rush on Thursday afternoon after I worked half a day, picked him up from day care as he was waking from his nap and then drove 3 hours to Kerri's place and dropped Daniel with a strange babysitter (which I was more nervous about than he was, more on that escapade later) and then rushed to the Bachelorette party which was held at a local restaurant with a lot of fun ladies. We were home by 10:30 pm (no wild party there, but a fantastic time with lots of gifts and a lot of giggling)!!

The next morning the sitter came back and Kerri and I left for the bridesmaid's luncheon, which was beautiful, followed by manicures and pedicures with all the bridesmaids (which is totally not me, but I enjoyed it!) and then back to pick Daniel up for the rehearsal. The babysitter had no luck napping Daniel and at some point in the day, Daniel got inside the house while they were playing outside and manage to lock her out with the deadbolt. We had given her a key to everything except the deadbolt. Thankfully she had the sense not to panic and call me, starting a new panic, but instead managed to talk Daniel into opening the door for her! He's a little stinker!!
Since he had had no nap, he was exhausted and fell asleep on the way to the rehearsal. Needless to say, I carried him everywhere and tried my best to wake him to no avail. I was able to lay him down in a dressing room and another mother watched him so I could at least practice. Then the rehearsal dinner. Luau themed and we had a great time. Several people rushed for Daniel and he got very nervous (awake at this point) and several times he would look at people and point to me and say loudly "That's my Mama." At one point we were playing and he fell and one of the bridesmaids and her sister ran for Daniel (I was standing about 2 feet away and I knew he was fine (he was goofing off) and when they ran for him, he was scrambling backwards to me. One of the girls felt so bad for scaring him. While I feel bad, I also feel good that he does these things, in reaction to other people trying to help him.

Saturday Troy finally arrived and took Daniel off my hands so I could pick up the bride to be and get her hair and my hair done. I felt like a princess. Between the nails, toes, hair and makeup (none of which I was allowed to pay for and instead was treated to by Kerri's mother) I felt like royalty. After hair I got to take the bride to be to the church. Then makeup was done.

The wedding was beautiful. It was in the courtyard of an old school buildings. Kerri is a guidance school counselor for a middle school and her husband is an art teacher at a high school so it was the perfect place. Daniel walked down the aisle holding my hand and then sat on the fountain which was behind the bridesmaids. During a prayer I walked Daniel to Troy and Troy took Daniel into the building because he wanted to run from me to Troy and back again! We didn't expect him to last and thought he did great the time he was up there.

The reception was gorgeous and everyone had a great time. There was dancing in the courtyard which I loved, but Daniel seemed a little overwhelmed by the loud music and the lights from the DJ. Eventually he fell asleep, once on Troy's neck and then finally in his arms. The bride and groom left the courtyard under all of us holding sparklers up at midnight.

Needless to say we were all exhausted and I'm still recovering!! Daniel did so well being that his schedule was so off. I think he's recovering today too!!

I am so happy for my best friend. She has waited for her special man for a long time and I wish them the most happiness ever.

There are pictures below, but I thought you might enjoy a few things that Daniel said over the wedding weekend.

SetUp: Daniel pinched his finger in the pack and play at 11:00 pm after arriving back at the hotel Friday night while I was setting it up. He sobbed, we got ice and he got Tylenol. He sleeps (thank goodness). The next morning.
Daniel: "My finger hurts."
Me: "I know. You pinched it, but it's alright."
Daniel: "I hurt my finger."
Me: "I know baby, Is there anything I can do to help?"
Daniel: "Get my finger off me!"
Me: No words, dying laughing.

Set Up: I'm sound asleep in the bed next to the pack and play. It's 7:15 am. (too many late nights.
Daniel from the pack and play: "Mommy, are you waking up?"
Me: "I am now," (groaning)

SetUp: Troy brings Daniel to me where we are getting our makeup done. I'm the third chair down the line and makeup is being put on at that moment. My hair is all curled in ringlets and half up.
Daniel: "Papa, where's Mama?"
Troy: "Right over there"
Daniel starts walking towards me, but I don't look over because of the makeup lady. Daniel stops, turns towards Troy. "Papa, where's Mama?"
Me: "It's okay, Daniel. I'm right here." I turn towards him.
Daniel: "Oh Mama, I LOVE your BIG hair."
Chorus of bridesmaids laughing hysterically! My hair wasn't that big!!

Bachelorette Party

Bridesmaid's Luncheon

Getting Mani's and Pedi's

Check out the back of my hair!

Look at the beautiful bride, during the ceremony!

YAY! Finally married!

Daniel - checking out my "big" hair and all the makeup that none of us were used to!

Daniel just wouldn't stop goofing of in this photo!
I love this photo of us though because it's sooo Daniel!

Isn't he sweet?
This was right before he threw my bouquet in the fountain and got a time out!

11:40 pm - I can't believe he made it that long and then he fell asleep on Papa's shoulders of all places!

P.S. We made it through the MRI and ultrasounds today. Daniel did great with the sedation and wasn't sick afterwards. Hopefully we'll hear something within the next 3 or 4 days.


Meghan, Bill and Nick said...

Sounds like a fun and memorable weekend! You look beautiful, so glamorous.

Daniel's comments are very funny, I laughed out loud!

Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.

Jackie said...

Rachel it sounds like such a fun and busy weekend! I love that photo of the three of you too... and it's nice to know some one else can get a time out (well deserved I might add). LOL!

I thought of you (naturally after I returned from Va, and kicked myself for not scheduling in an extra day to see you. But now I know that you too were incredibly busy this weekend!

I'm sure we'll see you on day! Keep us posted on the results of the MRI.

Jenny and Randy said...

Glad to hear the MRI and ultrasound went smoothly. Daniel has been in our prayers. Please keep us posted on the results as you feel up to it.

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend full of friends and pampering. I love it that Daniel made sure to tell everyone who his mama is. Too precious, and such music to our ears given all our children have been through. The photo of Daniel with the bouquet is absolutely adorable!

Michael, Carrie, and S said...

What a fun time! It sounds like Daniel did very well with all of the festivities! He is such a funny little man-I enjoyed hearing what he said.

I hope you all are doing well and will pray that the test results come back okay.

Christine and Stephen said...

Sounds like such a fun time! What a great feeling to know he was always looking for his Mama!!! I love the last picture of him sleeping on Troy ... what a trooper!


Kami said...

Daniel's sayings always make me laugh! He has such a funny little personality! Glad ya'll had a great weekend! I love the pictures and the expressions on Daniel's face in those pictures is priceless!! I am also glad to hear that the MRI went well, I will keep praying that the results turn out okay. :)

Rich and Jolynn said...

Congratulations Kerri!

I love the curly ringlets in your hair!

We are home and I would like to e-mail you an invite to our blog. Its private for awhile.

Danielle looks so handsome in his suit!

Becky and Keith said...

Wow!! Reading about your weekend just made me tired! I love, love, love your hair! You looked gorgeous - purple is a great color on you! Love the things Daniel said. We, too, had a boo boo on the finger. Andrew's funny was to say "Daddy, I can only hug you with one arm. I hurt my finger". :-) Two peas in a pod, I tell ya! Daniel looks like such a trooper. I'm glad the MRI went well - never expected anything less from that little guy!

Roger and Joanne said...

An exhausting but fun weekend for sure. Friends are so worth it. You looked beautiful! And it was so funny Daniel didn't recognize you. LOl!
Glad to hear the MRI went well. I'm sure the results will be great!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Daniel is hilarious! Aidan critiques my hair and clothes all the time and it just cracks me up!

I just love it when children fall asleep like that! They are so trusting. . .it is just amazing.

Can't wait to meet you all!

ana and russ said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful wedding! It also sounds like Daniel has great attachment now. And the things he said were very funny!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

I'm so glad to hear that the medical tests went smoothly. I know how hard that is on a mama.
You looked beautiful for the wedding! How fun. Special memories for you and your friend/family. Daniel sounds mischievious in the Rodney Howard, 'all-boy' kind of way. I have one of those on my hands. But then, right when you wanna choke em' they say/do something so unchracteristically sweet and tender that you could just die and go to heaven. Little boys are the sweetest things in the world and I'm so glad we each have one of our very own! The boquet in the fountain is hilarious, isn't it?! :)

Kristine said...

You look absolutely beautiful! and I really love the pics of Daniel.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.