Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Fishing Trip, Big Weekend Fun

Whew...I need a weekend to recover from our weekend!!

Friday night we took Daniel out fishing for the first time on the boat. We went to a small lake close to home and gave Daniel his small fishing pole. As you will see in the photos, he preferred a bigger pole, my pole to be exact! When we got the first bite I let go of the pole so he could feel the fish, prepared to jump overboard after my rod, (I love that rod!) and told him to reel like crazy. He did!! The rod stayed securely in his hand and he reeled and reeled! He was excited to see the fish when it came up! He touched the smaller fish we caught but when Papa caught a larger bass, he wouldn't have anything to do with it. We'll have to work on that!

Saturday we took off to visit Troy's parents, Granny and Grandpa. Grandpa took Daniel riding on the tractor and Daniel started calling their house a "farm". He had a blast.

Then Troy and I took off for Smith Mountain Lake to do some night fishing for stripers. This was a big deal for two reasons. The first was the fact that this was like our second date night in a year and second because for the first time ever since we've been home (over a year now) someone else put Daniel to bed besides myself or Troy.

Granny was more than happy to oblige and Daniel, little stinker that he is, actually laid in the big bed and went to sleep with her. I've tried the big bed with Daniel and I get feet in my face, hands in my ears, arms in my back, you get the picture! Well, Granny is one special lady!!
Actually I thought of a third reason this night fishing trip was a big deal...I stayed up past midnight. I didn't even make it to midnight on New Years. You surely can tell how much I like fishing now, right?!?!

Troy and I boated 6 stripers and 1 channel catfish. We kept the catfish and 3 stripers for eating and gave the filets to Troy's parents. We had a blast. Troy caught all but one. I let him win this round (HA!).

Enjoy the photos, while I recover from the weekend!!
Reeling in the big one!

Touching my first fish!

Tractor Ride with Grandpa on the "farm"!

Hooking up the motorcycle to the boat!

Troy holding the fish I "let" him catch!


Kristine said...

Wow! I never catch anything when I go fishing..guess I need to come to visit you! Looks like fun and Daniel looks like he had a GREAT time. Love the picture of him touching the fish...so fun. He is just getting more handsome every day.


Jenny and Randy said...

Looks like such a relaxing weekend, and Daniel looks like such a big boy holding the big rod!

Vicki said...

Sounds like loads of fun!!! Glad you had a little getaway with just you and your hubby - that's very important! Also glad Daniel seems to be catching on (pardon the pun!) to fishing like his mom and dad :-).

Dede said...

Looks like you have a true fisherman on your hands. Looks like you "let" Troy catch some good sized fish!

Carey and Norman said...

Wow...look at those fish. I hope they were delicious to eat too! I enjoy taking our little ones fishing, so I was excited that Troy likes to go fishing too. Maybe he and Norm can fish when we meet in Atlanta!

What a fun weekend!! Thanks for sharing all the cute photos of Daniel!

Roger and Joanne said...

So nice you guys were able to get away for the night. It takes a whole year to be able to leave for the night, huh? I'm sure it goes by fast and Daniel was obviously comfortable with granny. Hopefully you can get away a little more now.... We all need to recharge our batteries to be better parents too, right?
Daniel seems to have so much fun!

Clarese said...

I love the look on your son's face when he's touching the fish. That is priceless!

Joy said...

That sounds like so much fun! I am so glad that summer is coming.

Shane & Marie said...

I would say Daniel did awesome for his first time fishing. Glad you and Troy were able to have a night to yourselves.

Jane and Jim said...

Fun!! It's definitely good to have a date every once in awhile - we need one soon!

Kami said...

My husband would be sooo jealous! He loves to fish and keeps talking about bringing J fishing sometime this summer. Too funny that Daniel wanted your pole instead of his! What others have has to always be better, huh?:) Daniel is too cute and I loved the pictures that you posted!

Chris said...

I'm glad you had a great date night, and had a lot of fun night fishing.

That is so cool that Daniel caught his first fish!