Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve Celebration

What a great Christmas Eve we had! 18 people, tons a great food and even better conversation! To get to that point Troy and I ran around like mad getting ready! We had to put all the leafs in our table and bring another table upstairs, borrow 5 more chairs and cook a turkey. Whew!! It was worth it!!
Troy and I also used the occassion to take family photos for our book to leave with our child in Russia! It was perfect! So, in honor of our wonderful family and one day soon (hopefully) Daniel's family, we'd like you to meet everyone!

The Future Parents - Troy and Rachel (Check out Troy's facial hair - never seen him with that much before!!)

Grandma (Rachel's mom) and Aunt Cassandra (Rachel's baby sister)

Granny and PaPa (Troy's parents)

Uncle Joe, Aunt Cathy, Caroline, Lori, and Karmen (Rachel's sister, our brother in law and nieces and grandniece)

Uncle Richard, Aunt Sandy & Ian (Troy's sister, our brother in law and nephew)

Aunt Amber, Uncle Stephen and Parker (Troy's sister, our brother-in-law and nephew)

As you can see - Daniel will have an amazing family!! Merry Christmas to all!


Jane and Jim said...

Merry Christmas to you too! You have a wonderful family waiting for the new guy!!

Last childless one for all of us!

Becky and Keith said...

Okay... two great minds think alike! I DID THE SAME THING!!! Made everyone pose for Peanut Pictures! :-) What a great big family! I only had 8 people at my house, but it was still nutty! Glad you had a great day!

Chris said...

Merry Christmas! Great idea on the pictures!

MandyJo013078 said...

Those are great family pics! I love them and I'm so happy for you Rachel! Merry Christmas!

Carey and Norman said...

Great idea to take family photos while the family was together at Christmas. Much easier than scambling through old photographs and digital pictures stored on your computer.

Glad your Christmas was very special and your son was already a huge part of the celebration!

Christine said...

What a great family! Merry Christmas!

Ryan and Amy said...

Cute idea - Daniel will love it. Still catching up on blogs and am so excited to hear about what news you will have for us soon. Happy New Year.

Jackie said...

Rachel- Your Christmas sounded like my Thanksgiving! We had a ton of people too and boy was I cleaning beforehand! But, everyone else cooked the dinner... (How cool was that!) I really don't like to cook, and they do..so my response: "Be my guest!" I love the idea of taking photos for the album! And I see Becky thought of the same thing! That never even crossed my mind! Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

Adrienne and Jim said...

What a great idea!!! Loved seeing the pictures of your family. Sweet little Daniel will be so blessed to have each of these wonderful people in his life. Hope he gets to meet them all very soon!!! Merry Christmas!

WW said...

Great Photos! You are going to need them when you get that referral!

ArkAngels for Russian Orphans said...

Congrats!! Your new guy is so lucky!!

Mom to twins (b. 7/01 and a. 4/03), and their brother (bio. surprise b. 12/04)

Michael and Carrie said...

Wow! You had a huge family gathering for everyone at your house-I'm very impressed! I'm also impressed that you all cooked a turkey! That is amazing! It sounds like your Christmas gathering with your family was a success! That is a great idea to take pictures of all of your family members! I love that idea! In our "Who Loves Baby" book that we left, we included 4 pictures of me and Michael and then one of each of our entire families. But it would be great to have the individual families' pictures for when we go back to pick him up so people start looking familiar to him! Great idea! :)

KimAbraham said...

Yes, you are very blessed to have an amazing supportive and loving family. Daniel is going to have a great time getting to know everyone!

I wish I had thought to take individual family photos of all our extended family for our little girl. That was such a great idea!

Next year, I'm looking forward to seeing photos on your posts with your house full of toys and socks stewn about and a cute little guy running around!

Amber said...

What great pics! I need copies so don't delete them or anything.
Love you!

Mary & Michael said...

Hi Rachel,

I just found your blog. I am excited about your news to move regions. If you don't mind I will follow along. As it is right now, we are hopefully going to Tver. I hope you receive some good news soon. Happy New Year!
- Mary

Sira said...

Great idea- also we my be in your neck of the woods this summer (hoping Daniel will be there too) I am totally going to look upi guys up