Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We’re Back!!

We had a wonderful time in St. Lucia. What’s even more?? Troy is our newest sky member and he LOVED it!! He was very nervous getting on the plane and when we began to taxi his hands were sweating and he kept looking at me shaking his head. But as soon as the accelerator was hit and we zoomed down the runway he was thrilled!! He even liked the turboprop plane which I wasn’t thrilled with!! We were able to see the Pitons (picture below – 2 mountains formed from volcanic stuff), the botanical gardens, Diamond Falls, and the actual volcano. We shopped in the capitol of Castries, we took a day sail, we fished (Troy caught a Barracuda), we deep sea fished trolling for Marlin (caught nothing, but I sat on the top of the boat with the captain chatting it up the whole trip and learned a great deal about St. Lucia), we snorkeled three different times and we ate out at the most interesting restaurants. Eating there is an experience. At the first open air restaurant we were surrounded by cats begging for food. Troy named one Whitebeard (he kept one eye squished and we decided he needed a patch) and one Egypt or Little E as he had the most beautiful green eyes. Me, being the sucker even found the cat food at the grocery store and fed them on the sly!! We went to another restaurant called the Green Parrot, located at the top of Castries with an amazing view, candlelit, very romantic and halfway through our meal we realized no cats, but rats running around under our feet. Ugh!! But that’s just the way things are there. Best yet, we were in bed every night by 7 or 8 and slept until 7 or 8 each morning. Ahhhhhh...relaxation. Plus, we spent a lot of time at the pool. It was beautiful.

We had the mostest, cutest birds who joined us on the veranda of our sea house every morning while we ate breakfast. They would take bread out our hands. They would even come into the kitchen while we were cooking and would wait patiently for a scrap of food. It was delightful!!Enjoy the pics below!!! Also a picture of us at our last dinner is on the sidebar!!

Sailing from Marigot Bay to the Pitons

The Volcano

Troy with Barracuda

Whitebeard (me feeding him/picture aptly named sucker)

Marigot Bay

Egypt or Little "E"

View from our sea house

The Pitons

Flower nicknamed Crab's Eyes

Birds on veranda
Dinner at Chateau My'go
Diamond Falls


Joy said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful time. Except the rats, I do not know if I could be that laid back. You sound energized.

Carey and Norman said...

Loved the pictures. I've never been to St. Lucia, so I loved seeing how beautiful an island it is. Norman and I will have to venture there ourselves one day. Of course, the next vacation will be a little more kid friendly and hopefully we can all meet up in Disney World in a few years. I'm so glad your vacation went well and you had an enjoyable, relaxing time.

I never would have imagined all the animals on St. Lucia. When we were in Canada, I fed the birds and some of the locals were mad at me for doing so. Oh well!

Glad your back!

Amber said...

Hey guys! Glad you're back and can't wait to see more pics!
Love you!

Shane & Marie said...

It sounds like you both had a wonderful time. I'm sure it was a much needed vacation to clear your head. The pictures are great!


MandyJo013078 said...

Rachel - it's beautiful there! I'm so glad you had such a great time and you sound so refreshed! Post more pics if you have time! The waterfall was so beautiful! Did you take any underwater pics when you went snorkeling? I've only been snorkeling once in the bahamas - but it was the best experience. I'm so glad you are back! Keep us posted and I'm praying for a speedy referral for you two!

Ryan and Amy said...

Oh how I missed my emailin buddy! Love the pics and I am so glad you did this - as I am sure you are also! You sound so refreshed - welcome back! Hopefully you will soon be welcomed with a reaccredidation email!!

Tami said...

How beautiful! Sigh. I am more relaxed just looking at your pictures!!! Glad you had a great time! :)

JennStar said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time! I'm so glad that you made it back safely! And a big Congrats Troy!! hehehe

Sira said...

I am happy you too have had time together! Enjoy it...