Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pediatrician Appointment

Last Friday Troy and I saw a local pediatrician who we were hoping would be the one we would use for routine visits after returning from Russia. The office is close to home and was cheerfully decorated. They had separate waiting areas for healthy and for sick children. We were greeted nicely and told to have a seat. Everything seemed to be going well. Then, the wait began. We waited almost 45 minutes before being seen. I am not the most patient person in the world, so this was not the way to start off the interview. I realize it was the end of the day, and I realize we weren’t sitting there with a sick child, but I wasn’t thrilled.

The conversation with the Dr. seemed to go around and around also. While he was excited for us and was happy to prescribe medications we may need for the child on the second trip, he just didn’t say much else. He waited for us to talk and on one particular topic we just couldn’t seem to mesh our conversation. I asked him one thing and he was talking about the other and no matter how many ways I phrased the question, he just didn’t get it.

I think we may try another office. After all the “Pre-Natal” appointments are free!! Seriously, I don’t want to go to a Dr. that I can’t communicate with very well. I guess I’ll have to add looking for a different pediatrician to my “To Do” list!! That will have to wait until after vacation!!


Joy said...

I am sorry it did not work out. You are right that you have to be able to communicate well with your pediatrician. Also he or she must be able to communicate in a way that you understand. I hate it when doctors use big medical terms for the simplest of things. Good luck in the search.

Debbie said...

Bummer! It sounds like a great place with a bad doctor. Good luck in your search.

Amy said...

that stinks. but thank goodness you found out now and not later when you have your little bundle of joy home. at least you have time to meet other doctors and find that perfect one for you guys. good luck searching...and you thouhgt the search was over.

When do you leave for your trip?

Ryan and Amy said...

hmmm....too bad that didn't work out - it definately stinks to wait at the doctors office but even more so with a sick child. Good luck!

MandyJo013078 said...

Rachel - I'm sorry to hear about that with the doctors office. Then the doctor not really being a good communicator is even worse yet! I would definitely make sure that you find someone that you like, you can communicate with, & someone that you are comfortable with all around because you don't want to leave an appt w/ your child feeling like he didn't address your concerns. That would not be good. I'll pray for you that you find someone who can meet your needs. Good luck and have a great day! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Jackie said...


Definitely find one who you feel comfortable with and who you can communicate with. Nothing worse than taking a sick child into a dr, and there is miscommunication, or s(he) isn't understanding what you are trying to say.... I have found one of the best ways to find a pediatrician when I have moved to different cities, is to ask people. All of our best pediatricians have come by referrals. And usually it's not from one person, but many families will refer a dr or a practice. Good luck s(he) is out there... you'll find them!

Suz said...

I think you're wise to keep looking. If you don't click with him it may be your mother's intuition telling you keep looking. Yes, you've already got mother's intuition!

In those first few months home, your Pedi is going to be your life line, you have to feel comfortable with them. No matter the age of your child, YOU will be a newborn mom!

I pray that you will find just the right fit with a Pedi soon!

JennStar said...

Oh no! THat's a bummer. I still haven't spoken with our pedi yet about bringing our daughter to him in the beginning. He's AWESOME with our boys, and he's the only Dr and I never have to wait (which is a HUGE perk!!) but I haven't talked with him yet to see if he'd be a good match for a post-institutionalized child right after we bring her home.
Keep lookin'- you'll find the perfect match for your family!!

Allison said...

So sorry that this pediatrician didn't work out. But it's good that you learned this before you brought your little one home. I honestly think that good communication is the MOST important thing to look for when searching for a pediatrician. You are dependent on this person to help your child when they are sick and it is imperative that you have a good relationship because you will be your child's advocate. Good luck on your search.

Michael and Carrie said...

I'm sorry your visit did not go well. At least you figured it out before you took your child to him! I'm sure there has to be someone else out there that you will feel more comfortable with caring for your child. Best wishes as you continue to search for a pediatrician!

Jane said...


It pays to doctor shop. I put out an e-mail to the local FRUA chapter and they sent me a spreadsheet of all the doctors that got great recommendations from other adoptive parents in the area; that is how I found mine. I interviewed several before I found this one. You're hiring them to be an important part of your child's life, so you must feel comfortable and trust them.