Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More St. Lucia, Including Our Top 10

I thought I would post some more pictures from our wonderful vacation. Danica asked me about the food, so I included some pictures of our plates while we were there. Why did we take pictures of our food you might ask? Well it’s because I am camera crazy when I’m on vacation. The picture of the Piton beer is from night 2 when we went to Chateau My’go which has Happy Hour all day long – you order one beer you get two!! The Piton beer is the local brand and it’s delicious!! There is even a picture of Troy and I from the night we went to the Green Parrot (the rat infested restaurant!)

In answer to MandyJo’s question – we did take some great underwater pictures, but unfortunately I would have to scan those to post them, and well, I’m just too lazy. We did see sea urchins, squid, angel fish, bright blue spotted fish, beautiful coral and underwater plants just to name a few.

One thing I thought you might enjoy hearing about was our trip to the IGA grocery store, where there are tons of people. They have so many workers because the shelves go bare within minutes. They also have security guards walking around with night sticks in their hands constantly looking into your cart. Interesting!! Plus if you don’t stand on top of the person in front of you in line, it’s an invitation to allow someone in front of you which we quickly learned. We were glad to get out of there.

So, on that note I will leave you with our Top Ten Things We Learned on this vacation and more pictures below!!

Top 10 Things We Learned About a Tropical Vacation

1. Eat out after 7 pm to avoid mosquitoes!!
2. What you need the first night, you can probably get at the restaurant bottled water).
3. Pay in local money, it’s cheaper (ex. $2.67 US is $1 EC however the restaurants figure on $2.50 US per $1 EC costing you 17 cents on each dollar.)
4. Make sure to ask, ask, ask questions about trips before you take them (ex. How big is the boat exactly? What kind of fishing is it?)
5. Don’t eat the local yogurt.
6. Make sure if you have a refrigerator to check the setting before piling your food in for the night.
7. Store ALL food in the refrigerator regardless.
8. As a local said – be sure to drink whiskey with every meal to kill any bacteria on the food. What?!?! We didn’t know this until the last day!!
9. The taxi drivers are not out to kill you.
10. Last, but not least, avoid anyone offering you Dr. Happy.

Troy's farewell dinner - lobster
My farewell dinner - steak, salad and potato
Troy's shrimp & scallops
My pepparoni & onion pizza (very sweet tasting crust)
Piton Beer and it's yummy!
Garlic wings - MMmmmmm!
Bananas Flambay - tons of rum to burn off!
Female birdie heading into our house
Male birdie in our house
Plant known as Cat's Whickers
Pretty yellow flower hung all over a trellis where people get married in the Botanical Gardens
This heart shaped flower was jokingly called "The Little Boy's Flower"
These are known as Lobster Claws
Troy & I at the stairs leading into the Green Parrot
Parrot's Beak flowers
Sulfer Stream (from the volcano, water is not dirty)
Flower wall in front of the bay at Oasis Marigot where we stayed


Adrienne and Jim said...

WOW!!! What a beautiful vacation! I am so glad to hear Troy enjoyed the flights and can see you had a great time. I loved your top 10 list!!! Maybe I should have known the whiskey trick for Russia. Does it kill salmonella?? I came home with it the first trip!

I loved seeing your pictures from your trip. Again, it's so great you took it now before your little one comes home!! I'm looking forward to hearing when you get the call! :O)

Carey and Norman said...

I just realized that you had posted a continuation from your trip. I didn't check your blog yesterday. The food looked delicious and such big portions. I guess you don't go hungry there.

Sounds like the locals at St. Lucia were similar to Russia. If you don't (or even if you do) look like you are in line paying attention, they will not hesitate to cut in front of you. Ha.

Glad your home!!

MandyJo013078 said...

Rachel -
I just loved all of the pictures of the flowers and the little stream and it just looks like a beautiful place to visit! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I know that I can't wait to take another beach vacation! MJ

Becky and Keith said...

What gorgeous pictures of your trip! I'm so glad you had a good time and am definitely glad to hear that Troy enjoyed the flight! :-)

Jackie said...

Great Pictures!! What a great vacation.... minus those rats of course. I would have been outta there in a flash! The food looks delicious. My husband would have ordered the same as troy and I would have ordered the same as you...that steak looked good! :-)

Michael and Carrie said...

I'm glad you all had such a wonderful vacation! You took some great pictures, and the St. Lucia looks beautiful! I'm glad Troy enjoyed his first flight, too! Now you all are ready for all the flying to Vlad! I think it's wonderful that you took a vacation this year while you wait--I think we are getting close to doing the same thing! :)