Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Little Fish, Home Improvements & Kindergarten

I can't believe July is over! Daniel finished his swim lessons and passed his jellyfish class. He couldn't pass last year because he wouldn't swim on his back. This year the instructor used him to teach the other children (who were mostly older!!) how to swim on their backs. Daniel was also the only one to propel himself down in 4-5 feet of water to pick up toys from the bottom. He's really gained in strength this year and the instructor said she would like to see him next year on the swim team. He'll fall into the youngest category and she said they needed "strong swimmers" like him in that category!!

A couple of weekends ago we did some minor home improvements that had major impact on my housekeeping skills! First we pulled up Daniel's carpet and laid wood laminate in his room. He LOVES it. It's the same as our room and the morning he woke up he ran to us saying "Thank you for making my floor like yours!" Who knew it would mean that much to him!

Troy also finally cut me a laundry chute after I did much begging!! Our laundry is in our basement and we have this perfect little half closet in our hallway that Troy cut a nice circle in and built up the chute. It drops right down in the basement into a nice laundry basket and since then all laundry is out of our main living level. We were woried that Daniel would throw toys (or himself) down the chute, but instead as I was sorting laundry I found fishing items and realized it was my husband who had "accidentally" dropped a few things down! It hasn't happened since!! I don't have any pictures of the final product, but Troy faced the front and put a nice top on it. This was when it first went through the floor - we couldn't resist trying it out!

In Kindergarten news, we didn't get the school we were hoping for due to student/teacher ratio and we knew up front this was a high possibility in our area. We're allowed to call back August 8th and see if there are any changes, but for now we're preparing for the other school. I have to go in soon to make appointments to talk to the school nurse about Daniel's medical condition and I need to speak to the principal about his teacher and about a certain little boy who is also attending Kindergarten this year and who you may remember from this post a long time ago. I'm afraid if they get put in the same class, similar things may happen to Daniel and it isn't going to fly. As for his teacher - I don't want him to have the teacher he did his assessment with. I have my reasons! I know I'm picky, but I can't help it!!

Daniel's doing great at his summer camp. He's been roller skating, bowling, to Lowe's, to more parks than I can name and he's having a blast. He gets karate lessons as part of his day and while I don't think he's thrilled with them, I do think he's gaining a lot from them. He's learning to pay more attention and when he and his dad wrestle, I've seen Troy look at him in surprise!! He seems stronger, more sure of himself and he likes the interaction with all the boys. He's making friends, which he wasn't really doing (except for a few) at his previous daycare, and he's talking to his counselors like he actually likes them! He even told me he "loved camp" the other morning when I sang him the "Good Morning" song!!

All in all things are well in the Williams household!


Jenny and Randy said...

Sounds like Daniel has had a great summer! Hope everything goes smoothly when you meet with the nurse and principal. How exciting that he is starting the big K!

Becky and Keith said...

Love the laundry chute (but you know that already, don't you!) :-) Still have my fingers crossed for the August 8th date. Definitely talk to the principal sooner rather than later about the boy you are concerned about. It's much easier for them to make changes now vs. a few days before school (I remember the crazy panic when we were last minute with Andrew's school!). Such a cute boy you have... we miss you guys! (OJ could use some Daniel-love right about now!).

JennStar said...

Love the shute! What a great idea! Troy did a great job! (I'm not sure if my hubster could come up with that. . .shhhh, don't tell him I said so, though).

Dede said...

Nice job on the home improvement projects. Congrats to Daniel on the swimming and summer accomplishments. I sure wish our boys could meet up sometime.

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Rachel!
Wow - Your little one is starting Kindergarten!!! It's been a while since I've been catching up on blogs since I ended mine last year, but I am so happy to see new pictures of Daniel! He is sooooo cute and I can't believe how big he got!! Sounds like you're having a great summer!!
Have a great rest of your summer!!!

Christine and Stephen said...


I can't believe how big Daniel has gotten in those laundry shoot pictures .. he's so tall!!! I also love the new picture of him on the blog in the tube ... cutie!!!

Roman is the big swimmer here ... I should find out if they have a swim team somewhere he could join .. he'd love it!

I don't think you are nit picky about school and advocating for your son about that other boy, I remember the blog post about him! I find I often have to do those things for Roman with our pre-k intervention staff in the public school system ... it gets so frustrating at times but I know it's worth it!!!

Love Love the pictures!