Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Do We Do On Snow Days?

We make bookmarks!! I found this fun project a long time ago and was waiting for the perfect time to make these.

We simply painted popsicle sticks, then cut out circles for faces, added ears, eyes, or whatever worked for that particular animal we were making and Ta Da...Animal Bookmarks. I think they turned out great!!

Then we braved the store and started shoveling!! Since our weather people always seem off, we were shoveling about 6 inches of snow, not the 3 to 5 they keep insisting that we are going to get even though the storm has not slowed down yet!
Daniel thinks that body sledding is fun...apparently!! I had a great picture but you can see some identifying info so I don't want to post it. It looks like we may have another day together tomorrow too. I doubt we'll get plowed tonight!


Tracey and Chuck said...

That looks like such a fun project! Believe me....totally get the "what to do on snow days"...we had 5 straight 2 weeks ago!!! The South unfortunately does not know how to deal with the snow! School closed for an entire week for about 7 inches....crazy!!! Today we were 2.5 hours delayed because of snow....Guess what.....not a single drop of snow....none!!!! Hope you guys are enjoying it!! :)

Becky and Keith said...

Love it! I will definitely be borrowing your bookmark idea! Stay warm - the snow looks SO COLD!

Carolynn and Steve said...

What fun! We've had lots of snow too! Daniel is such a cutie!