Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vacation and Meet Up with Friends – 2010

Our much needed vacation came and went quickly and started off with a BANG – literally.

We drove 7 hours to Crossville, TN to stay at Mariner’s Pointe Resort on Lake Holiday.  Once we arrived, we launched our boat, took our belongings in to our condo and then headed straight to Wal-Mart to buy our out of state fishing licenses.  On the way back to the condo we were rear-ended by a young driver.  Fortunately, no damage was done to our truck, since he landed on our hitch and the fellow only scuffed his vehicle up a little, so Troy shook hands with him and we left.

The rest of the week went much better!  We spent it fishing and swimming, fishing and swimming!

Saturday several families were able to drive out and meet up including Carey and Norman and their 3 children (private blog), Jenny and Randy and their two boys (private blog), Becky and Andrew, and Karen and Ilya.  We hung out at the resort pool, had lunch in the condo together, played mini-golf and then went out for pizza afterwards.  Eight children, 6 of which were Russian born, and we had no major incidents.  In fact, all the children were fantastically well behaved!

The following Monday we were able to spend more time with Jenny’s family at the zoo in Nashville, followed by a visit to my grandmother.

At my grandmother’s place we were able to meet a lady who works there in the office named Asya (Ah-sha).  She was born and raised in Russia and then lived in the Ukraine before coming to America.  She wanted so badly to meet us and Daniel.  Unfortunately, Daniel was sound asleep after the zoo visit, but we got to enjoy talking with her for quite a while.  Daniel finally woke up but was not the least bit interested in talking to her.  She understood and she just hugged and hugged Troy and I and kissed me and kept saying “thank you” over and over again.  I tried arguing with her, telling her we were the ones who were lucky and we were the ones who were thankful, but she wouldn’t have any of it.  Finally Troy and I just said “your welcome”.  She was a really interesting lady and I appreciated her tact with Daniel and the fact that she never tried to speak Russian to him or force anything on him.  We did say “pa-ka” to her when she left, which she loved!  I hope we meet her again.

Wednesday evening we were also able to spend more time with Carey’s family at the resort eating pizza and swimming.  We had a great time! 

Daniel woke up every morning asking “Where are my friends?”

It really made our vacation to see so many of our friends!!

Other events we enjoyed were a tour around the lake on the “big boat” as Daniel called it (the resort’s pontoon boat), an ice cream social with other vacationers, a fishing competition (which Troy got 2nd place in and a $10.00 gift certificate to a local bait store – he had a nice large mouth bass, but got beat out by a catfish!), a visit to an 8,000 square foot tree house (which we climbed ten stories up to the bell tower), a few shopping trips, and some air hockey!

We really had a great time.  I can’t believe it’s over and we’ll be headed back to work this week.

Enjoy some photos from our week!  The first set of photos is what I like to call the call the “good, obligatory photos” – and the second set are what I call our “reality photos” – You’ll see why!   

vacation 8-2010 011 vacation 8-2010 021vacation 8-2010 022vacation 8-20-2010 173vacation 8-20-2010 178 vacation 8-20-2010 017 vacation 8-20-2010 020 vacation 8-20-2010 023  vacation 8-20-2010 039vacation 8-20-2010 031 vacation 8-20-2010 026 vacation 8-20-2010 042  vacation 8-20-2010 053 vacation 8-20-2010 058 vacation 8-20-2010 061 vacation 8-20-2010 073 vacation 8-20-2010 104 vacation 8-20-2010 129vacation 8-20-2010 125  vacation 8-20-2010 131vacation 8-20-2010 132 vacation 8-20-2010 140 vacation 8-20-2010 148 vacation 8-20-2010 149 vacation 8-20-2010 150 vacation 8-20-2010 151 vacation 8-20-2010 154   

And here is the reality!

Tongue Out!

vacation 8-20-2010 124

Not one, not one is looking at the camera! vacation 8-20-2010 013

Apparently Pumba was hungry vacation 8-20-2010 049

The buoy was more fun than fishing. vacation 8-2010 023

Anything was more fun than fishing. vacation 8-2010 012

At least he caught a fish that time.  He reminded me when I told him both he and daddy caught fish, that “you (meaning me) only caught seaweed!”vacation 8-2010 019

No need to say anything!  

vacation 8-20-2010 050

vacation 8-20-2010 105


Amy said...

NO WAY!!! My dad has a house in Crosville!! And we are headed there in late September!!

Ok - so do it all again next year and I'll come too :)

(looks like tons of fun was had by all!!)

Adrienne said...

Ah! We want to come next year too!! Looks like you all had a great time!!

Chris said...

A very nice vacation! That is really neat that you could meet up with other adopted families (we follow some of their blogs) and let your kids all spend time together.

Every time we have met anyone from Russia, they have been very complimentary of us for adopting from Russia. But you are absolutely right, our children our a huge blessing to us all!

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Craig and Phyllis said...

How fun! That tree house looks amazing. I have read 3 of the 4 people's blogs you mentioned. 2 I have not kept up with for awhile.

We are heading out on vacation in 2 weeks. We will be going to SC to the beach. Hopefully we will hit the lull between all the hurricanes that are lining up! : )

Tomorrow, back to reality! Hope you can ease into it a little bit on the slow side. That will make for a better Monday, I'm sure.

Mama Fish said...

We were in Russia, but we are only 1 hour from there so you must call us when you plan this again and we will come up for dinner or something fun!

My boys love to fish!! I love all your photos!

Dede said...

What a fun vacation! Wish we lived closer so we could meet up with y'all sometime.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Great pictures....looks like so much fun!!! We are also very close to you guys just over the boarder in AL. Can't believe Daniel fishing....I am sure Matt's daddy can't wait for him to get a little bigger to teach him how to fish on our boat as that is definately one of daddy's favorite things to do!!! What a wonderful vacation!!!

Carey and Norman said...

We had a blast and are so glad you decided to vacation close to us! The tree house looks awesome and we may have to check it out on a mini-trip some day.

Thanks again for inviting us to come play for the day!!