Saturday, August 7, 2010

Swim Lessons – Round Two

The past two weeks, Daniel has been in Round Two Swimming Lessons. This class was a step up from his last class. I was a little disappointed because I thought they went through the strokes and kicks two quickly and covered WAY too much for a class with a 4 year old (Daniel) and 5 other 6 year olds.

They taught a stroke a day, which meant only half an hour on each stroke. None of the kids got it.

The only thing I think Daniel really got out of this particular class (besides lots of great exercise and fun swimming with mommy before and after class) was that he did learn to tread water in the deed end. He can’t keep himself up forever but he can for a good 10 seconds before he starts to go under. He’s also a “slicer” (arms moving side to side) versus a doggie paddler (that would be me!).
Of course on the last day he got to jump off the diving board, his favorite thing!

While we’re done with swimming lessons this year, I think we’ll repeat this class next year before moving up to a different class regardless of what they say.

Enjoy some photos from Round Two – The Jellyfish Class!

Swim Lesson - 7-26 025Swim Lesson - 7-26 008Swim Lesson - 7-26 017swim lesson 2 032 swim lesson 2 026 swim lesson 2 028 swim lesson 2 030 swim lesson 2 031


Dede said...

We are in round 2 of swim classes too. The lessons just don't seem long enough that they would learn anything but somehow they seem to grasp it. Great job on the diving board Daniel!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Wow....he does really great in the pool! Can't believe that he can tread water in the deep end....sounds like he is going to be a great little swimmer! We are disappointed with the swim lessons that Matt was taking at our local YMCA. Just seem like they really did not do anything other than have the parents hold them and float around so we have stopped going. We think he is getting more out of just going to our community pool with us! I think next spring we will have to find a better place where he will learn more than he is now....little steps!!!!

Becky and Keith said...

Look at that little fishy of yours!! No fear, huh? :-)