Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Are The Truth Petition

The Joint Council has released a Petition entitled We Are The Truth. Please, please, please stop by and sign the Petition.

Here is the information about the petition from the Joint Council Blog.

"The letter asks both Presidents to ensure that intercountry adoption continues uninterrupted and to aggressively investigate and prosecute anyone involved in the abuse of children. You can sign anytime, but doing so before Tuesday night would help us get the letters to both Presidents before President Medvedev leaves the U.S."

Here is the actual Petition for signature:

"Recognizing that the tragic abandonment of Artyem Saviliev is an isolated incident and is not at all indicative of the thousands of successful adoptions between Russia and the United States, we, the undersigned:- Respectfully call on President Medvedev and President Obama to lead an effort to ensure that the rights of children are protected and that every child’s right to a permanent and safe family is not interrupted due to the suspension intercountry adoption services. - Respectfully call on President Medvedev and President Obama to ensure that their governments aggressively prosecute any individual involved in child abuse to the fullest extent of the law."

1 comment:

Christine and Stephen said...

Love it Rachel!!! I forward the email we got from our agency with the petition to all our friends and family and encouraged them to sign as well to show support!!!

It's so important to show the family success stories from Russia ... not just the negligent actions of a few!!!