Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tinkering Around with Creepy Crawlies

Last night I told Daniel if he 'cleaned' his room up real nice that I had a new, special toy for him to play with. He was excited and so the cleaning began. We put on some music and he put his toys away while I pulled out his winter clothes that I know he won't be able to wear next year.

When we were both done I pulled out a box of TinkerToys. Not just any tinker toys, but the set where you can make all kinds of creepy crawlies, which is right up Daniel's alley these days, much to my dismay.

I need to insert here that I bought this $19.99 box of tinkertoys for $0.50 at a yard sale!! So while many think Daniel is spoiled with all his toys, in reality we have paid little for each of them!

For my well spent $0.50 we had two good HOURS of entertainment. I helped him build a cool spider (YES - ME!) and then I snuck out to do some other chores checking back every so often and of course snapping pictures. Daniel played by himself the rest of the time! Heavenly!

In other news - Daniel smashed his first bug with his bare hand - that was exciting to say the least and then today we cut a worm in half accidentally. It was still moving, so therefore I assume it is fine - both halves.

This is not a stage I'm looking forward to, but I'm trying...honestly!


Dede said...

I'm not into the bug scene either but I think it just goes with boys. Liam is always digging wanting to find me "treasures" that I don't want!

The tinker toys are cool, we may have to give them a try.

Mama Fish said...

Oh man, my child has a bugophobia. Seriously, he is very frightened of them. I told my friend and neighbor to pray for us this summer, as there are bugs all over the place here. We keep trying to tell him that he is bigger than the bugs etc etc. Apparently Chris has shown him how to "whap" them. So today he saw a bug and picked up his little tikes mailbox and threw it on the poor thing. Hmmm... I'm not sure if that is what Chris had in mind.

I love that Daniel was able to play so long with those tinker toys! That's great fine motor skills!

JennStar said...

Isn't being a Mommy to a little man just the best!? LOL! My kiddos love to catch lizards that find their way onto our back porch. It's extra fun to them if their tail breaks off and they see it continue to wiggle even though it's not connected to the lizard anymore! :o)

Patti said...

Oh yes, we also learn lots about bugs and creepy crawly things, when we're out in the garden - we found a grub the other day as we were doing some weeding and that was fascinating to Alex. I tried not to act too squeamish, but I couldn't help shuddering a little. Gotta love the tinker toys! Definitely some of the best toys are the classics that you can find at garage sales.

Gloria said...

Awesome set of Tinker Toys. Never saw a set like that! Great spider by the way!!!

Becky and Keith said...

LOVE the tinker toys! I need to take you garage sale-ing with me - GREAT find!! :-)

Chris said...

Just wait until Daniel puts his first bug under your pillow! Then we will be talking serious creepy crawlies! :-)

Teresa & Kevin said...

What a great new toy! I can't believe how grown-up he already looks - soooo cute!

Jane and Jim said...

I used to LOVE tinker toys!
He's getting sooo big and is even cuter (if that's possible!).