Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gone Huntn'

I received this photo at work last Thursday and should have known something was up.

When I got home from work, I found this note:

(And yes - his eyes are closed in the photo because when his eyes are can't see him, of course.)

To top it off, when he got home he informed me they saw six deer and Papa didn't shoot any. Oh and do not forget the favorite line around the house these days. "You don't go hunting with us Mama, because you're a GIRL."

Fine by me!!!!

If your interested in how well a three year old hunts, read on!

Troy said Daniel did great. He took him out behind our house where he has permission to hunt some land so they walked all the way in and out of the woods. They sat by a tree for a while. Then Daniel walked a slow, quiet circle around the tree. And when the deer came in and Troy pointed them out, he said Daniel was glued to the deer. Watched them the whole time. Needless to say the tired little walker...I mean hunter...slept well that night and is looking forward to next time!


Jackie said...

Ah the first steps of practicing the hunting ritual. He did well! This is the first glimpse of the years to come.

I had to laugh about your response to Daniel's "You are a girl comment" Fine by me! (That would be fine by me too!!)

Roger and Joanne said...

What a great day with dad!

P.S. Love the note! LOL!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Fun! Aidan goes scouting, but not hunting. . .yet!! He still talks about how the "Bad boy Bear" ate Daddy's four wheeler last year. . .too funny!! Way to go Daniel!

What do you all do about the ticks??? Deep Woods Off??? Pat is always telling me the deer will smell it which is why I don't let Aidan do more than Scout.

JennStar said...

What a great day with Daddy that must have been!!! And yes, I'd probably feel the same if told I couldn't go cause I'm a girl! ;o)

Chris said...

Wow, Daniel is growing up fast! Sounds like he had a great time with Dad. Priceless!

Becky and Keith said...

LOL! Love the note and absolutely love that he closes his eyes so he can't be seen. Andrew closes his eyes when I take out the camera. Is he trying to tell me something?!?! :-) Hope you had some great "girl" time! :-)