Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tied Up!

Wow - where have the last couple of weeks gone? We've been so busy. We have currently been gearing up for some home improvement projects and so far I'm loving it. We've just finished a landscaping project which I'm going to post about in the next week or so on my other blog where we were able to do it all for $25.00 (cost of mulch), just by reusing and replanting what we already had. This was lots of fun for everyone, especially Daniel who was so filthy by the time we went in, that a shower was in order before I could let him sit in the bath tub! Currently we are getting underway with finishing a family room in our basement and also updating our master bathroom. Big projects and we are doing little bits at a time, but I can't wait for completion!

Daniel in the midst of all this has discovered the joys of a bungee cord! He sees Troy use them all the time with the projects he works on and has since come up with his own "projects" which include using the bungee cord as a belt, tying up his toys, tying up his mama's foot to the coffee table and trying to tie up Papa's feet together. It's been quite amusing and hours of entertainment.

We've also been reading a books called The Biggest Bear. Our cover is alot older than the one on the link I provided and it's falling apart at the spine (I need to see about repair), but this book was my father's and it was one of the only books he kept from his childhood, which my mother gave to Daniel and I a few weeks ago. We will treasure this book always and it has quickly become Daniel's favorite. Daniel knows it was his "Grand-daddy's" book and that his Grand-daddy is with the angels. Anyhow (before I tear up) there is a part in the book where the bear sleeps in a cornfield and every day we drive by a great big cornfield to which Daniel yells "There's a bear in there, get the bungee cord!" Little does he know I'm not going to confront a bear with just a bungee cord!! Of course Troy often plays the bear in our house and lets Daniel "tie" him up with a bungee cord to keep us safe from being tickled!

Here are some photos of his new favorite past time. The other items in use are dog leashes and links!


Jackie said...

I am amazed at Daniel's creativity Rachel!! My boys used to do things like that all the time. What FUN!!!

You have to show before and after photos of your remodeling projects!

Chris said...

That is very nice that Daniel has your Grandfather's book from his childhood. What a nice tie between generations. Congrats on all your projects, I bet it feels great!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

Dima and I have also been doing more and more reading together. I love this age when they can sit down and enjoy a whole book with you as written instead of the 'name the picture' kind of book reading you initially have to do. :)

Craig and Phyllis said...

Don't you just love how your child thinks you can do anything! You may want to stay away from stories about Davey Crockett "grinnin' a bear down! : )

That is so special that you have a book of your dad's and now your son can read it too!

Kami said...

I love it!! Daniel is so funny, I love the whole bungee cord creativity thing he has going on! I also love that the book that Daniel loves so much was your Grandpa's. I bet it is a very special book and a wonderful keepsake for sweet Daniel to have. :)