Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beach Week Review & Hanging Out with Fellow Bloggers!

We really, truly had a wonderful vacation the week before last. We stayed in Fort Walton Beach, right outside of Destin, FL for a week and made the most of it. Daniel was extremely well behaved all week and we spent our days exhausting him so he didn't even complain when we mentioned the words "nap time" or "bed time"!!

Daniel seemed to prefer the sand initially on the beach, but by the last day we were able to set him on the boogie board and send him to shore by himself riding a wave! He was also a major fish in the pool. Jumping, belly flopping, somersaulting, face in the water just to name a few of the stunts he pulled. We spent a lot of time laughing.

In order to keep things short and sweet and get right to the pictures, a recap of our week was 4 days at the beach, every day at the pool, Daniel and I visit the Science Center, lots of family, a visit to the Airforce Armament Museum, fishing, good food and great fun!!

Finally, before I start posting pictures, on the way home we stopped at Lake Lanier in Atlanta, GA and met up with Becky, Keith and Andrew and Carey, Norm and their two children (private blog). Becky had been kind enough to find a lake house for rent that we all shared. We finally arrived Saturday afternoon and once all the kiddos were awake Becky and Keith took us all out on the boat and for a swim. Carey tubed with her two children and then Troy braved taking Daniel and Andrew out together on the tube!

After dinner and a fun birthday celebration for Andrew with yummy cupcakes, the children played a while, went to bed and the grown ups got to hang out. The men made it to about 1 am but the girls made it to 2 am talking it up. I have to say, I haven't been up that late in eons, and I think we all paid for it, but it was so worth it.

Enjoy the photos!!

How cool am I?

Boogie boarding? Really - I like surfing!

Family Shot
Where are our son's legs??
Granny with two grandsons!
Neat fish Troy caught!
He caught that one too (LOL!)
The belly flop!
The sideways jump!

We found a store with silly hats and sunglasses.
Aren't I adorable?
Check out Troy with hair!
Love the flamingo!

Birthday celebration! Can you tell who's who?
Lake fun!
Andrew and Daniel taking turns with the ladder.
Look in the background -
Troy is taking the pic,
but Keith is jumping around like a madman
trying to get all the kids to look!!
What a treat to hang out with these wonderful families and their wonderful children!


Kristine said...

Yes! You are adorable!!! and so area all those pics. I am so jealous that you and Becky got together!!! I would have loved to have been there with you guys.

Thank you for sharing all of your pictures.


Dede said...

Looks like so much fun and that's great that you got to meet up with the other families. Be sure you hollar at us if you are ever in West Texas.

Kami said...

Wow! That looked like a fun vacation! I loved the pictures, you got some great ones! I am with Dede, if you ever come to West Texas, let us know! :)

Patti said...

Looks like you had a great time

Craig and Phyllis said...

How fun! My uncle taught me how to swim in Lake Lanier!! But that was back in the dark ages! : ) I'm sure the three of you ladies had an absolutely wonderful time together, and such great support and encouragement, too!

Chris said...

What a wonderful beach vacation! Looks like you had great weather, and lots of water time.

It is very cool that you got to spend time with other adoptive families! Awesome!

Carey and Norman said...

Great photos. I've still got to d/l mine. My computer is full, so I am working on deleting files.

So glad that we were able to meet in Atlanta. We had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again this winter! Choo Choo!

Becky and Keith said...

Carey's computer is full? WHAT? That girl.... ;-) hehehe.. Awesome pictures! Did you go home and find Wonder Pets on the Noggin?? Best channel ever! Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets will save the day.... :-) Such innocent TV. Your beach pics make me want to find a weekend to head down there. I have awesome pictures of Daniel from our trip - once I edit them, I'll send them. He's such a GREAT kid! Can't wait to see you all again!

Shane & Marie said...

Sounds like (and looks like) you had a wonderful vacation. I think it's great that you got to meet up with the other families. Us mommy's always have lots to talk about, don't we?

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Looks like you had a blast! What fun!

Amy said...

How fun to get together with other families! Great vacation pics too!! Looks like you all had a great time!

Amy said...

awesome, great pictures and vacation!!!! We can't wait to go to the beach next month; I'm counting the days BUT dreading the twins in a bed. Bruiser has a crib tent to keep him in. I see many sleepless nights and chasing 2 year olds in my future. Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like a LOT of fun!

Teresa said...

Hi Rachel,
That is so nice that you got together with Becky! It looks like you all had an amazing time at the beach with the kids!!! Great pictures and you can tell the kids all had a blast!!
Enjoy the rest of the summer...

Vicki said...

Looks like a great time! Love the photo of the three of you at the beach - frameworthy!!! It all sounds like so much fun - exactly what summer is all about :-).

GuinnessandKillian said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog; I loved looking at your pics and checking out your timeline!

Jenny and Randy said...

It looks like you have been having so much fun this month between the trips to the lake and the beach! I can't begin to imgine how fun it was to stay up until all hours talking with the other Russia mamas at the lake -- what a special friendship you all have forged!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

I love it that you all got together like that. I only wish we were closer ... that would be such a great experience. Your vacation looks so fun. I love the pic of your hubby in the hat with the blonde on top. Funny! Hope you bought that one. :)

Adrienne said...

Precious pictures!! You all are so cute :) I am jealous you 3 got together! We'll have to plan another time if you head south again anytime soon :)