Saturday, December 20, 2008

Under the Weather and Bad/Good Behavior

Daniel has been under the weather for the last week. It was the usual runny nose that he has every other week since he started day care. Thursday night however, he coughed himself silly and finally after propping him up and drinking warm drinks etc. he fell asleep. He woke up Friday coughing and with a swollen face. By swollen, I mean stuffy under his eyes and across his nose, but it was obvious. I called the pediatrician and we went in to see her.

Needless to say in the waiting room a lady approached me to say how much Daniel looked like me. I almost laughed, but I don't feel like I need to tell everyone Daniel's back story, so I simply smiled and played along and said, "If you think he looks like me, you should see my husband and him together." I thought that was end of it until she started asking me if he was born with black hair, like mine, and if it was lightening up now or vice versa. Well, hmmm...I wasn't sure quite what to say so I said a vague "umm humm" to which it did not really answer her question. I quickly changed the subject to other topics and that was that.

The pediatrician said Daniel's ears were cloudy, but not infected, thank goodness, but that he had a pretty good respiratory infection so she gave us an antibiotic and sent us on our way.

Well, the day really began when I took Daniel to fill the prescription. We stopped by my favorite store, CVS. If you don't know why I love CVS, check out my other blog. Anyway, I dropped off the prescription and the lady proceeds to say "Your coming back when?" And I think...Ummm, I'm not coming back. My kiddo is sick and I'm waiting on the prescription. What rubbed me the wrong way was that she assumed I would come back. After I tell her I'm waiting she proceeds to tell me in a frazzled vioce it would be twenty minutes so I started wandering the store with Daniel.

Normally Daniel sits in the front of the cart all strapped in, but because he was feeling bad I let him sit in the back part of the cart and I had brought an electronic book knowing we may have to wait. We are going along nicely when all the sudden Daniel flings his toy to the front of the cart and starts kicking it. I calmly tell him no and move closer to the pharmacy desk to see how busy they were. I noticed the lady was on the phone jabbering away about NON pharmacy stuff. So I sit there and Daniel starts kicking again. I tell him if he kicks again in the back of the cart, he's going to put in the front and strapped in. He knows I mean business. One warning and that's it. My son would, thinks he should and probaly could rule the world at the ripe old age of two. He's incredibly intelligent and very stubborn so he fits right in to the family (def. in the stubborn area!). My mom said I have met my match finally. Anyway he kicks, I pick him up and he goes in the front and he starts crying very, very loudly and bucking against the seatbelt.

Needless to say, this doesn't bother me. Should it? I don't know. I am of the opinion if a child is screaming in a store and the parents are obviously in control then no big deal. All kids throw a fit in a store at some point or another. If the parents are out of control, then it's another story. Well, at this point, the lady is still jabbering away and so I nicely took the cart in front of her register and let Daniel scream and cry and kick right in front of her while I feined interest in chapsticks like I've never seen them before. She finally gets off the phone and then the pharmacist comes out from behind the counter and starts jabbering away about NON pharmacy stuff to someone else. So I gently eased my cart in his direction. Needless to say I got a funny look and then "POOF" my prescription was ready a moment later. When I checked out, Daniel was "all done crying" as he likes to say and we had moved on to looking at a doggie calendar so I looked at and told the lady, "It's not so much fun shopping when you have a little one who's sick." She agreed.

For once I actually apreciated Daniel's little fit! I know - I'm shameless.


Amy said...

You are so calm - I am envious! I hope some of that will rub off on me. I am laughing so hard that Daniel's crying helped urge along the prescription. I live in a tiny town about 30 minutes from a large town. Most of the drs etc are in the big town -- and pharmacies. I had a really bad ear infection about two years ago and dropped off my presciption expecting a 15-20 minute wait. They told me 1-1.5 hrs. I almost started crying. Instead I think I went up one side of the pharmacist and down the other. And I was out the door in 15 minutes. Not my best day, but I was miserable. Just like Daniel. I know how he feels!!

Dede said...

This sounds like some of our shopping trips! I like how you made it work in your favor! ;-)

Michael and Carrie said...

I was giggling as I read your story, as S was crying loudly at Chick-fil-a today and people were looking at me. I kind of felt like you-things were under control! :) I'm glad pushing him in front of the pharmacy worked to get the pharmacists moving! I hope Daniel is starting to feel better.

Mary & Michael said...

I hope Daniel feels better soon. I had to smile at your trip to the pharmacy, at least Daniel helped them to hurry along :) Merry Christmas!!

Carey and Norman said...

Sorry to hear that Daniel has been sick. It is hard when your little one feels bad and you can't seem to make them feel better.

Loved the CVS story. I love that you used an upset child to your advantage :o)

Joy said...

I hope he is feeling better. When sick kids are involved every other prescription should wait. Sorry just my opinion. I am glad that they got the picture that you were not going anywhere.

Teresa said...

Hi Rachel,
You handled that pharmacy situation just great! Poor little guy - I hope Daniel is feeling better before the holidays!
I hope you all have very happy holidays!! Teresa

Jane and Jim said...

LOVE that story!
I love CVS too (most of the time!).
Sounds like Daniel is a handful like mine - try 2!

Kim Abraham said...

Great story! I'll have to remember that little trick! Hope Daniel feels better soon.

Jill said...

Rachel, I'm rolling laughing. We got stuck in the checkout line at Wal-Mart for 20 minutes the other day waiting on a price check for the people in front of me (two managers came by and said they "didn't have time to check"). If my stuff wasn't already on the conveyor belt, I would have changed aisles. Do you know that Mari was as good as gold the whole time? I was practically begging her to throw a fit, I even thought about snatching her lollipop just so she'd scream (oooo - mean, aren't I?). Glad Daniel was able to put his 2-year-old powers to good use!

Shane & Marie said...

Poor Daniel. Good for you! What a great (and funny) idea to put a screaming child in front of them to make them work faster. I always hate how long it takes them to fill a prescription!

Kristine and John said...

Sometimes a screaming toddler can get you moved up in line! There may be times when you will hope for this! So funny. You are a GREAT Mommy.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a VERY happy New Year!