Thursday, July 3, 2008

From Easy to Please to Picky & A Funny

I thought I would start out by sharing a funny story from trip 2 in Russia. We had our son for the very first night in Moscow (and with us) as we picked him up and immediately boarded the plane to Moscow. We arrived at the hotel and put our things in our room. I had to go right back downstairs to fill out paperwork with the representative and Troy stayed in the room with Daniel. Fast forward to me arriving back to the room. What greets me?

Our son lying on the bed with a blanket over him holding the remote control calm as can be. I say something to Troy to the effect that I can’t believe he’s just laying there so sweet and then I look towards the TV and I think I said something to this effect, “Troy, you might want to take the remote control from him because from the looks of it, he’s about to buy us an adult movie.”

Needless to say Daniel has a remote (without batteries) that he plays with at home!!

And here he is shortly after the remote was taken away...

Wow that seems like so long ago!

On to the real topic at hand!

Our son has decided to become picky about his food. From what I’m reading though it seems like this is pretty much the norm. Daniel knows he can be picky now. When we first picked him up from the orphanage and arrived in our hotel we gave him a drinkable yogurt and he sucked it down like it was going out of style. Once we were home he would cry when he finished a bottle for more. Now, he won’t touch yogurt in any shape or form. He also has decided against applesauce as well. What child doesn’t like applesauce?? Mine!!

Milk is another disaster. He will literally shake his head no as soon as he sees it and won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. I’ve tried Hershey’s chocolate syrup, Butterscotch syrup, Strawberry syrup, Ovaltine...nothing will make this child like milk. One thing I’ll never forget was when he took a sip of the milk with the butterscotch. He stood there with this shocked look on his face and then just opened his mouth and it all came running out everywhere. I think it was the one time he didn’t look in the cup before shoving it in his mouth expecting juice. I just stood there dumbfounded as the milk came out and hit the floor. I had no idea he could put that much in his mouth! The only way to give him any milk is in his morning oatmeal which I make with the milk and mix a fruit yogurt in. He’ll also eat cheese...for now.

He also has now decided he hates corn and peas. He used to love them too. What happened to my fantastic eater? A life with lots of choices, I suppose!!

Have a Happy Fourth of July!!


ana & russ said...

You're not alone with the milk issue. Eli has decided he doesn't want to drink milk or toddler formula. I've tried bottle, sippy cup, and even a regular cup. He takes 1 or 2 sips and then pushes it away. It's very frustrating! I worry about him being dehydrated or not getting enough nutrition. I'm hoping it's just a phase that they'll grow out of!

Susan & Randy said...

I love the remote control story, that is going to be a classic! Artem is going the opposite way with food, stuff he turned his nose up at when he came home is suddenly his favorite food this week and he can't get enough of it.

Mark and Sinziana said...

Hi Rachel,
Yeah, the milk has always been an issue, since the beginning! We tried everything (even Kefur) until we found this soy milk/juice drink that is kind of expensive ($3.49 for 24 oz), but it's the only thing close to milk that our son drinks. Yeah, Diego used to loooove yogurt, now he barely cares about it. Hope things get better!

Dede said...

I think we all have the same problem. Liam did not care for milk at all when we first got home and then he drank it for a while and then stopped liking it again and now he is back to drinking it. I would suggest offering it to him from time to time just to see. Also, it helps if you offer it up with something that it will go great with like cookies! ;-)

Michael and Carrie said...

I know you know from reading my posts how picky S is. He was the same way at first-eating just about anything we offered, but then he decided he did not want things that he had initially really liked. We've had the milk issue, too. Since they give it to him at daycare, he's willing to take a couple more sips but really just prefers water or apple juice.

I agree with Dede...maybe he'll try some of them again soon. Sometimes S will initially refuse something and then when the same thing is offered later in the meal or a few days later, he will eat it.

Hopefully it will just be for a season for these little guys and they'll decide they like more things soon!

Becky and Keith said...

Oh boy - sounds like I'm going to have fun with all of the milk stories everyone has posted! I hate milk so let me just say that I commiserate with all of these children. :-) I love the remote control story too - a little gadget boy!!

Carey and Norman said...

I too love the remote control story. That is hilarious. Thank goodness he didn't or you would be explaining to the front desk what had happened. :o)

As for eating, ours is a hit or miss too. Some weeks she will eat everything in site, others she is very picky. A food she loves one day does not mean she will love it the next. Even something like cookies...go figure.

Patti said...

Another milk struggle here too! Although he likes to copy his big brother, so that usually works for us. It's always so good to hear how you are all doing. I don't feel so alone when I hear about the similar "stuff" that we're going through. I'll have to check out your other blog sometime.