Monday, July 21, 2008

Attachment Part Two and Gardening Fun

This weekend we had tons of fun!! We visited Granny and Grandpa (Troy's parents) and had a great time. Troy's dad recently had both knees replaced and we were amazed at how well he was moving around! We had lots of fun swimming in the pool and had lots of good food!

I need to say a special thank you to Granny (Troy's mom Barbara). She loves, loves, loves children and we knew it would be especially hard on her to not be able to run to Daniel if he cried or pick him up if he fell or give him snacks if he was hungry as we needed to be the ones to do that in order to help Daniel understand that Troy and I were his parents and we would be his providers. In the pool this weekend, I would swoosh Daniel to Granny and he would start to fuss and instantly look and reach back for me. Granny let go every time and even spoke about how thrilled she was to see Daniel acting that way. I know it had to be hard though!! I do know once my little daredevil was laying on a raft that Granny was able to tip him over and into Papa's waiting arms and we had lots of giggles!! Barbara - we're so proud of you and don't you worry Daniel loves his Granny or as he says "nanneeeeee".

On Sunday we played around outside with our tomato plants. Last year we planted them against one whole side of our house because we dug out some other plants we didn't like and stuck the tomatos in for fun. Well, they grew like crazy so we did it again this year. We have the biggest darn tomato plants I've ever seen in my life. We also got our first red tomato!! Daniel loves to help us water them!!
Here I asked Daniel to look at Mama and say cheese and instead
I got this...when I squealed it became an all out war as he thought
it was hyterically funny to spray Mama!!
Not too sure about payback though!

Helping Papa tie up those huge plants.

Do you see how big the tomato plant is behind me? I mean seriously
it's so big I can't see the top of it!


Kristine and John said...

A boy with a garden hose is a scary thing...I know! It looks like a lot of fun actually!

I am so glad he is attaching well!

Susan & Randy said...

Let me send you my address and you can mail me some home grown tomatos. I LOVE tomatos and I'm jealous you have your own plants.

Joe and Renae said...

D looks like he is going to be such a big helper! I love seeing all the new pics!

Carey and Norman said...

Glad to hear attachment is going so well. I enjoyed the pictures. Our little ones love the water too. Something about the water hose. They even prefer to get wet in their everyday clothes than their bathing suits. Go figure!

Carey and Norman said...

I agree with Susan that we need you to send some to us too. We planted four plants last year and had too many. With the adoption, we didn't get any planted this year. We will have to hit the Farmer's Market!

Becky and Keith said...

YUM! Tomatoes!!! I think it's great he got you back. :-) He is growing up so fast!

Mike & Heidi Lee said...

Hearing your attachment moments makes my heart swell and brings tears to my eyes! We are so happy for you and your family!!

Little Patch of Heaven said...

Your son is adorable. Thanks for sharing the attachment issues. I have walked this road not only once, twice, but looking at a third time.

Patti said...

Those tomato plants are huge! He sure looks happy to be with his forever family!

Debbie B said...

That's so great that Troy's mom understands the attachment. Now that we have Isabel home I have wondered what it would have been like with a toddler for our parents. They didn't like that they couldn't feed, change or take care of her until we said okay.

Great picture of him spraying you.