Monday, May 5, 2008

Week Two in Review

Wow - I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted already - Where oh where did that time go??

We had a great week with a few not so great moments as well, but who doesn't have those?

We are working on words, but mostly we're getting babble with a few words mixed in. His newest word is 'up' as before he would push on our legs when he wanted to be picked up and we just kept saying up, up, up when we lifted him for about 2 days and now he will say up instead of pushing us. We are working on animals but i'm mostly getting sound effects. So if I point to a cat he says "meow". I suppose this is my fault because I love to make animal sounds!!

This week we visited D's first plant nursery and bought some flowers which we planted yesterday with Grandma. We had trouble getting him to understand how not to step on the flowers. We pointed to his shoes and we tried showing how to be gentle. We also tried comforting the flowers he stepped on. No luck!! We bought him his own gardening tools - just his size but of course he only wanted ours and he managed to trip me with the handle of the rake. That was fun. We also managed to get onions planted and are headed out later today to get some tomato plants.

We went to my grand neices first bithday party and of course D's Aunt Cathy gave him an entire cupcake - pictures below!! He was up that night for over an hour at midnight - thanks Cat!!

Also a big congratulations to my sister Cathy as she and her husband are expecting their first child together!! WOO Hoo!! Daniel needs another cousin!!

Lastly we made a trip to visit Troy's parents - Granny and Grandpa. He did well on the drive (about 2 and 1/2 hours) and we stayed all day. We managed to get our first decent family photo there. There's just something about Granny!

This week proves to be pretty busy also. We have our IAD clinic appointment tomorrow and a few other things going on this week. We'll update again soon!!


Patti said...

I had to laugh when I read about how you tried to show Daniel about how to not step on the flowers! I can really relate! I did something similar with Alex too. We ended up putting a small temporary fence up around my perennials because he just couldn't stay away. He pulled a few of them out. Thanks for your updates!

Anonymous said...

Another mom a boy from the Udmurtia seems that your son is ding really well,,,I look forward to reading more here about he and your family.


Amy said...

He's all wonderful. You're lucky he didn't want to eat the dirt or dig up the flowers. Love the post today; you got some nice family shots. Have a great week!

ana & russ said...

It seems like a lot longer than 2 weeks! What did we do before we had our sons with us? It sounds like you've been VERY busy.

Home grown tomatoes are the BEST! I'm hoping we'll be able to do that next year.

Thanks for sharing the photos. D is just so adorable!

Shane and Kathy Gebhardt said...

I love the cupcake picture! Too cute!

I'm glad to hear that you are all doing so well!

God's Blessings,

MandyJo013078 said...

Troy's got a little 4 wheeling buddy! I love the family picture! It's so cute! I really am just beaming happy for you Rachel! I can't wait to hear more about the adventures of little D :)! I'm so glad that you are doing so well.

Chris said...

What a great second week! Glad you are doing great!

Jackie said...

Love the photos and the stories about D and the flowers! Thankfully they are not roses... ouch! How did the IAD visit go?

Sira said...

Sounds like a normal 2 year old! Yes don't you love when people spoil your kids with sugar- pay back from when we did it before kids

Joy said...

What great pictures. It is amazing that he is here with you and experiencing all these new fun things.

Mary & Michael said...

I love the cupcake photo, he is so cute. I hope his appointment went well today.