Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vaccines, Park & Frugality

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Today Daniel received his first two vaccines. We have decided only to do two shots at each visit. We don't want to overload his system and the doctor agreed after talking with him. So early this morning we headed out and we survived (yes - that includes me because I was so nervous about taking him by myself to have shots!) It was easy. He only cried for a second and then was "all done" and off we went to the park. Today we swang and met another mother with two children. One was a little girl only a month younger than Daniel. We fed ducks together and the kids threw the bread as far as they could. It was fun! (Note to self - when cutting off the crust of Daniel's sandwhiches - save it for the ducks!)

My mother "Grandma" came over for lunch today and we had a nice visit. Daniel loves to play with his Grandma and always waves "bye" to her and blows her kisses when she leaves. It's the cutest darn thing.

I thought he would go right down for a nap because of all the playtime and the vaccines, but he played in his crib for half and hour before falling asleep!! I'm so thankful that he plays. I rock him as long as I can but generally he will get really wiggly toward the end and I put him in his crib. Sometimes I'll get a cry or two (all of 30 seconds) upon leaving the room and then we hear him pushing his glo-worm a thousand and one times. I kid you not. He LOVES his glo-worm. We also keep a music box that he can wind up and a book in his crib. Some nights I'll check on him and have to pry the book out of his sleeping little fingers. It also is great because in the morning after he wakes up he will generally play for half an hour also. He sounds so adorable over the monitor. Troy and I get a big kick out him some mornings as the book is filled with animals and he will make all the animal sounds. The other morning Troy was sure Daniel thought he was a dog.

The following are photos from two separate trips to the park followed by my blurb on frugality:

Are we there yet?

Here I come, ready or not!!

Check me out - I'm in the tunnel!Of course I have to go down the biggest slide!

Lastly, many of you have read Chris and Jackie's adoption blog. Did you know that Jackie also has a blog about living frugaly called Coins in the Couch? Once I started reading her blog and then picking up a few others I have been learning a lot about the art of coupon cutting and taking advantage of the different stores and their different offerings. One of the biggest, most interesting stores everyone talks about is CVS with the Extra bucks. I vowed when I started reading that I wasn't going to buy 20 tubes of toothpaste to make a deal, but that if I saw some things I needed I would try it. Well today I made my first winning transaction!! I had $5.00 in Extra bucks already earned (they work like cash) and a $4.00 off $20.00 transaction coupon from CVS and a few other coupons. I desparately needed conditioner and CVS was on the way back from the doctor's office so this is what I got and I actually made money (breakdown of cost follows)!!

Herbal Essence Conditioner $5.99
Tums QuickPack $4.69
2 Airwick refills $2.99 each
1 Airwick Warmer $1.99
CVS moist towlettes for car $0.99

I used the following coupons:

$4.00 off $20.00 purchase
$1.00 off Herbal Essense
$1.00 off Tum QuikPak
$1.00 off 2 Airwick refills
$1.99 free warmer with purchase of 2 Airwick refills
$5.00 Extra Bucks

I only paid $5.83 for the whole purchase - that's less than the cost of the conditioner, BUT that's not even the best part - I receive back $6.49 in Extrabucks and another $4.00 off $20.00 transaction AND there was a rebate on the Tums for the full price (minus the coupon). So I will get a check back for $3.69. If you add all that up I actually made money - $4.35 to be exact!! I'm so proud of myself!!! After the adoption and higher insurance bills and upcoming child care every penny counts!!! YAY!!


Shane and Kathy Gebhardt said...

Wow! You go girl! You lost me in all of your calculations...but I'm amazed that you actually made money while shopping. You can't beat that!

The pictures of Daniel are too cute! He looks like he is doing so well!

God's Blessings!

Shane & Marie said...

It sounds like Daniel is doing well. How lucky that he will play in his crib for awhile. Bryson will sometimes. I love all the pictures! What a great deal you got. I am going to check out that blog now.

Rob said...

I'm seriously impressed with your frugality! :)

But as much as I'm all in favor of feeding the ducks, I've just gotta ask, why do you cut off the crusts off of sandwiches? I've never quite understood that. The crust is the healthiest part of the bread, y'know...

Great photos, btw!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Daniel is a baby doll! Usually the referral photos aren't that great, but his is so cute.

Our trip to the Keys was beautiful! By the sound of things, you and Troy are going to make Daniel quite the little fisherman!
You guys would LOVE Islamarada(keys).

I'm so glad to see you both so happy with your little one.

All the best,
Renae and Joe Nodine

Carey and Norman said...

That is amazing on your shopping experience. I always want to try coupons, but I forget them when I go to the store. I'm terrible. I don't know how many coupons I've thrown away.

I'm so glad the shots went well. He is a trooper. Loved the bucket hat from the park.

Love the referral picture too.

Michael and Carrie said...

I'm glad Daniel (and Mommy) did well with his shots! He looks so cute in his pictures at the park. And those deals are great! I had not heard about that program, but it sounds like you figured out how to make it work very well! I hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Ryan and Amy said...

Love it! I am on my way to the site - thanks for posting it. I doubt any of your readers couldn't use the help after the adoption expenses. Love the slide pics - funny how those boys just have to do the biggest, most dangerous ones! Also - ADORABLE referral photo - no wonder you were so excited :)

Eric & Michelle said...

I could've wrote the part about how Daniel goes to sleep because Caden does the EXACT same thing. We rock, he starts squirming, I tell him night-night, put him in his crib with his woo-bee (glowworm)and I leave the room. He pushes it a few times and then...silence!! AND, we wake up the same way too!! I have an extra one in the closet because it already died once and it was NOT fun trying to get him to sleep that night... You may want to stock up if it's a must-have!!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

I always read these types of testimonials and am in awe. I couldn't practice these tips in AK because we have no stores like CVS where I live. We have few stores at all in fact. Still I like the idea and if I lived down south, I'd be right in there with you. How exciting!

Also, I've been lurking here and there as you've done your adoption. Your son is a doll. Congratulations on bringing him home at last!

Janine said...

That is really amazing..about how you made money. You broke the system and won! I think I saw an Oprah show on this once about a woman who lives this was an amazing show.

I'm so glad Daniel is doing well. Shots are no fun..what a trooper he was, and you too. :-) I still don't like taking them for shots either.

Daniel's referral photo is too cute! And all the photos of him at the park...what a fun time he is having!

Mary & Michael said...

How cute is your son? I love his referral photo. Glad you both survived the doctor's visit. It sounds like you are all doing so well. I liked how you came out ahead at CVS. Good job!! I have tried the coupon thing but never kept up with it. I know I should try again; every penny saved will help with the adoption fund.

Jackie said...

Okay,why did I not see this before? lol! Rachel- you did awesome! I have been slacking in the savings department this month. (And also my blogging!) You inspired me to get back to it. It's a little easier when I have more time. I actually love to stockpile if it is a really really good deal. Triple coupons are the best, and believe me if they ever come around again... I'll be ready! lol!

Debbie B said...

Great coupon trip. I really need to satrt getting back into coupons myself. I'll check out that site.

Daniel is so cute. Sounds like he is adjusting amazingly.

Becky and Keith said...

I love, love the picture of Daniel with the hat on. He is such a cutie! I'm glad you survived the shots - I'm not going to be so lucky, I'm sure! :-) Love the referral photo - such a handsome little dude!