Monday, August 13, 2007

Don’t Quit My Day Job

Why? Well, let me tell you. This weekend we had a Pajama Party at the SPCA. It was an event to help promote the adoption of cats and kittens as we have tons!! We had face painters and hair stylists and karaoke. Have you figured it out yet?

Yes, I got talked into singing since I was staff member and I’m pretty good sport considering I know I can’t sing. So up I go with another staff member and we belted out Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”. The kids loved it, and the cats loved it (of course). I think I even might have heard a dog howling in the background, but it was worth it!! We were even asked to do an encore and sang Rascal Flatts “I’m Moving On.” Not a good choice for us, as you can probably imagine!! We had a great time and moved over 20 cats out into great homes!! Even a couple of dogs found good homes as well!!

Nothing new to report on the adoption today. We do have our appointment with the International Adoption Doctor this Friday morning which I am looking forward to. We plan to ask lots of questions so that when we do travel we can email or fax the right information to them for a review of the child’s records. I’ll let everyone know how that goes.


Becky and Keith said...

I never thought to ask you what you sang!!! The Carrie Underwood one is GOOD! Can't wait to hear about the IA appt. Glad you're going before me so I'll know what to ask. hehehehehe.... Here's to another boring Monday!

Carey and Norman said...

It sounds like we could go on tour together. Maybe you can perform an encore in October.

We can't wait to hear how your appointment goes on Friday with the doctor. We kinda got thrown into that one, but at least we have a specialist now. We thought about using UAB and attend the class in Birmingham with Becky and Keith. Who knew we would have the opportunity to see a medical and talk to a doctor sooner.

Sounds like you are getting closer to your son each day! We cannot wait to hear news!

Tami said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck with the doctor's appointment! It's so important to get all of that information. Our agency is supposed to bring in a doctor to the orphanage to meet with the child. I'm thrilled about it. For the last three adoptions we were pretty much left on our own. Thankfully, Meshack has his veterinary training (ahem) to help us in figuring out the obvious stuff...but kid development is not his forte (unless you consider the goat kind! :) For Punky and JacJac's adoption we brought a tape home and sent it off to Dana Johnson...thankfully he gave us a good report because we had already fallen in love and decided to accept the referrals! :)

Michael and Carrie said...

Rachel--do you have a video of your singing?? Maybe that could be your next blog post! :) Too funny!

I look forward to hearing about your IAC visit. We're still debating about whether to do this now or if we should wait for our referral. We've talked to people at Vanderbilt that said to have the appt. beforehand and some who said do it when you get the referral. I'm interested to hear how things go Friday. It sounds like UAB has a great clinic! Good luck!

Adrienne and Jim said...

You are too funny!! Sounds like you had a great time and were able to find homes for some furry little ones.

Good luck with your appt!! I agree with should post a video of the karaoke! :)

Ryan and Amy said...

You are so funny - way to get out and enjoy yourself. Let me know how you appt. with the IA doc goes.