Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter 2013-2014

I want to blog, I really do!  Finding time with 3 children, working full-time and crazy, everyday life just hasn't happened!

Daniel is still doing well at his new school.  He's had a good year so far!  He struggles with reading and writing, but flies through math, science and social studies.  Surprisingly, I'm okay with it (this coming from a former goody two shoes in school).  Daniel has three things going against him:

1. Reading:  He doesn't like to, but he LOVES to listen to audio books.  I may have caused this when I gave him a personal CD player and his first books on CD to listen to.  

2.  Writing:  He's a true lefty, and third, he's a boy.  He doesn't have a chance of getting above a C in handwriting!!

Daniel has grown like a stinkweed!  One night he came in our room sobbing about his shins, from his knee to his ankle, saying they hurt so bad.  After jumping out of bed and and ascertaining his legs weren't broken, we applied a heating pad, gave him some tylenol and he got to spend the rest of the night in our bed.  The next morning he was fine!  However, we measured his height a few days later and in the span of two weeks, he grew 1 and 1/4 INCHES!!!  Those were some serious growing pains we believe!

Tic-Tac is still with us.  In just a couple of months he will have been with us for two years.  We're still waiting, as is he, to be united as a forever family.  We pray everyday for this to become our reality, and for the foster care system to work and for his file to be on top of the never ending files that I'm sure they have.  I will admit that I'm terribly frustrated that I have not been able to share him with the world, from the precious 9  month old he was to the feisty, wonderful 2 and 1/2 year old he is now.  Oh how I wish I could every moment, his first steps, and his innocent wonder at this great big world.

We also still have our baby girl, but it is with a mixture of sadness and happiness that it appears that she will not be remaining with us.  We've been blessed to enjoy the last 6-7 months with a spunky, outgoing, sweet-heart of a toddling girl.

Troy is awaiting news of whether or not further back surgery is required.  He is still uncomfortable two years after his injury and a year after his original back surgery.  Tomorrow we head out to Northern Virginia for another test with a new doctor for a second opinion.

I'm still working full-time.  It's hard juggling 3 children, a full-time job and all the extras that Troy can't do anymore with his bad back.  I enjoy couponing for our family, but that in itself can also be a full-time job.  Most evenings after the kids go to bed, I sort coupons, look up deals and try to figure out how to get the most for our money!  I love doing it and can't imagine ever stopping!  Some people wonder if I do it because we don't have any money.  To those people, I want to say: I do it not because we don't have enough money, but because we want to keep the money we do have!

I also want to get back to my scrapbooking, but haven't had time.  I'm thinking about hiring Merry Maids or something close to help with daily chores so I can spend more time with my family in the evenings versus doing chores etc. myself.  I paid some young men to shovel our driveway this year after an almost 2 foot snow fall and I was so glad I did.  I was able to relax and it took pressure off of Troy for feeling bad because he couldn't do it himself.

Here are a few pictures of Daniel from our Winter 2013-2014.  Next stop:  SPRING!


Dede said...

I'm sorry that you can't post pics of Tic Tac but hopefully he will be part of his forever family soon and you will have lots of pics to catch us up! Liam struggles with his writing too. He is starting to learn cursive in school and is excited about it so I'm hoping that will help. Hang in there and I hope Troy's back gets better soon.

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