Friday, April 6, 2012

Introducing "The Furious Eleven"

This was too fun not to share!!

I came home from work yesterday and was introduced to "The Furious Eleven". Daniel and Troy worked hard making a crime fighting crew and Daniel named them appropriately!!

Alas, I shall make you wait no longer....

This neat guy below, Daniel created all his own and is named Duckie Dodo - he is the fixer of all the machines of "The Furious Eleven"!
This fellow below is Spider and he is a "guard" in the words of Daniel and "protects" "The Furious Eleven"!
No name yet for this guy - any suggestions?!?!?
Daniel is quite the builder and can play for hours building blocks quietly. I'm one lucky mom, in more ways than one!!


Amber said...

He is a hoot! lol

Dede said...

Love it! Our boys so need to get together since they have such similar interests.