Friday, March 11, 2011

Love at First Sight - 3 Years Ago Today!

Some people say they don't believe in love at first sight. Some people say it's not possible. I think when referring to a child, that you just can't help yourself.

I'm not talking about feeling like a mother at the snap of the fingers, but I am talking about looking at a child, knowing they are going to be yours and just letting yourself love them, even if you don't know them yet.

Three years ago, I felt true love at first sight. I may not have felt like a mother in that exact moment, but I loved the little boy the orphanage worker was holding by the hand, the moment they came through the door and I leaned down and took his hand from her.

For is the email I sent home the night we met our baby boy (who isn't much of a baby anymore)!!

We met with the ministry at 9 am and it was easy. A lady simply gave us the formal version of our referral and asked if we would like to meet the child. Of course we said YES “Da”. She smiled and gave us the permission to visit the child.

We left straight for Votkinsk, an hour away and went to the baby home. Because Daniel was getting ready to eat and nap they brought him in within minutes of our arrival and he sat right in my lap and we played with the Little Tykes Hammer (makes sounds and lights up) and then we tried to look at books but like I said he turns the pages so fast!! He doesn’t talk yet except to say Wow or whoa or something to that effect. He sat quietly in Troy’s lap while I took notes from the orphanage director. They told us he loves books, music and dancing.

Afterwards we left as Daniel had to eat and take a nap. We went out to lunch with our regional rep and translator and had a nice time. Then they took us to Tchaikovsky’s house (great composer) and we took a few photos and then we shopped. We got some great pieces and souvenirs for 1,675……..rubles – gotcha didn’t I – I think that works out to approx. 71.00!! Like I said we got some beautiful pieces. Wish us luck packing them up!!

We went back to the baby home at 4 and got to visit with Daniel for 2 hours. We played with stacking cups and shape sorter. He loved both. We gave him a soft squishy ball and all he would do is put it in a cup and dump it out. He would smile when we would throw it to each other. He doesn’t seem ticklish and he doesn’t make a lot of eye contact, but that is normal. He is delayed in aspects but physically he is a pretty healthy looking fellow. He has blue clear eyes and likes to cut them to the side to sneak a peek at you!

We were watched with him the entire time except for the last hour when I suppose the director decided we were okay after all. Daniel will certainly need bonding time with us and us with him. It will take time.

He hugged mama and papa bye bye and he waved “pah kah pah kah” (bye bye) to us. He hugged Troy hard and even squeezed his arms when hugging him. I got a hug that was a whatever hug but I snuck a kiss in on his cheek!! Chopped liver already – that’s me!!

I just can't believe it's been three years. It feels like so much the best possible way. I can't imagine life without Daniel in it and I can barely think about life before Daniel. We were truly blessed three years ago today and the blessings have never stopped since!!
Here is our first family photo taken at our second meeting. We weren't allowed to take any photos the first day, but those memories are ones I'll never forget!!


Amy said...

Wow -- how the time flies!! You were one of the blogs that I read EVERY day since you were just coming home during while I was waiting... I loved reading it then AND now.

It's amazing how he's changed, but I love his precious smile even back to day 1. Congrats mama and papa and D!

Tracey and Chuck said...

I can totally relate to the "Love at 1st sight" as we felt the exact same way the moment we saw our Matthew. Can't believe it has been 3 years and he is getting to be such a big boy! Love his new picture on the top of your blog!!!

Jenny and Randy said...

What a special day! And what a beautifully written post. Truly heartwarming. :)

Craig and Phyllis said...

Can it really be three years?! What a great family!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Amazing itsn't it??? OUr Gotcha Day is still about 3 weeks away, but we're already done! Can't believe it. . .

Jill said...

Yay!!! Love it. And it's so funny the way you described him in your email....sounds JUST like the Daniel I know now. An awesome, smart, beautiful, amazing young man with a twinkle in those blues eyes!

Dede said...

Congrats on your 3 year anniversary. It seems like forever ago we were all starting out as new parents and now look at us today and the pros we've become! Haha. Daniel has come a long way and I've enjoyed following your journey.

Chris said...

Reading that made my heart melt. I'm so happy that you were able to create a family with Daniel and love him so much!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Rachel!
Happy 3 year anniversary! Since I no longer have my blog, I have to make more of an effort to check in with everyone- I just loved reading this!
It was the same for me when I saw our little one for the first time - I will never forget!
I love your new picture too...