Monday, December 6, 2010

Need a Haircut?

Daniel is majorly into scissors.  Safety scissors of course, but if they cut, he wants them.  So imagine his awe when Troy brought out the buzzers to shave his own head.  Daniel wasn’t having any of it and Troy decided to be a good sport and let Daniel take charge.  I’m thinking future barber….

I tried to talk Troy into leaving his hair as it was.  You know, to help boost Daniel’s self confidence in himself as a future barber, but Troy wasn’t game for that!  Guess I can’t blame him!!

haircut 039 haircut 041

In other news, we introduced Daniel to his very own lamp by the bed that he can turn on and off by himself.  Every night after we read him books, he will generally “read” to himself for a while before falling asleep.  We’ve always been in control of the cutoff time, otherwise he would read all night.  This lamp was a big step for Daniel and we’re pleased to tell you that he always turns his lamp off after about 10 minutes or so without being asked and falls asleep.  Of course, these two pictures below are the exception.  I walked in around 11 one night to check on him and at some point after I initially checked on him, he had turned his light back on and started reading again.  He was sound asleep, light blasting.  Just look at the pile of books he was sleeping on – and you can’t even see them all!!  I had to roll him and pull books out from under him and the covers!

haircut 061      haircut 058

Lastly, Daniel has finally gotten into crafting more than he used to!!  I love this, especially with winter here now, so we’ve been getting the crafts out and creating some fun things.  The below reindeer Troy actually did with Daniel.  Daniel said I was the one with the red pretty antlers, he (Daniel was Rudolph with the red nose) and Troy was the middle small one!  Troy wasn’t too happy about that, but he went with it!! 

haircut 066

These fun glasses Daniel and I made from an egg carton.  I saw this in a parenting magazine recently and since it’s all stuff we had around the house, I thought why not?!  We just cut the egg carton, cut eye holes, decorated with markers and punched holes in the side for the pipe cleaners and Ta Da!  Silly glasses!

haircut 078    haircut 068 haircut 070 

We’re getting very excited about Christmas and Daniel already knows what he wants from Santa.  We’ll be putting up our tree next weekend and today Daniel and I put garland and lights up outside.  This year I’m feeling more Christmas spirit than ever!  Happy Holidays!


Carey and Norman said...

Daniel is growing up and becoming such a big boy! Love the night light idea. I also enjoyed seeing the crafts (reindeer and glasses)...thanks for the ideas!!

Jill said...

Great glasses! Fabulous!
Glad to hear the lamp is working. We arranged Mari's room about 10 days ago to put her bookcase next to her bed...she was having a hard time staying in bed because she would wake up in the middle of the night wide awake. SO I told her she could turn on the lamp and read to herself until she was sleepy again...she's also allowed to read at bedtime. She has insisted on the lamp on and a book every night but has yet to make it thru a whole book before fallin asleep. And she hasn't once turned it on in the middle of the night...apparently her insomnia was cured as soon as I told her she was allowed to "not be sleepy sometimes." Why don't kids come with a manual?

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Does Daniel have a Tag Reader? Perfect for budding readers like our little men. Perhaps a Santa suggestion. Aidan loves his.

Craig and Phyllis said...

That picture was so sweet of him sound asleep on the pile of books! And I can't understand why Troy would not want to keep his first haircut that his son gave him! : ) Sounds like life is going fine over there! Merry Christmas!

Jenny and Randy said...

It looks like Daniel is having lots of fun and keeping busy! I love the haircut and the glasses!