Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Wedding – October 16, 2010

I can hardly believe that my little sister who is 13 years younger than me got married his past weekend!!  She was always the baby (which she’s always hated, but has always managed to use to her advantage) and it seems hard to believe how grown up she is now.

I thought today I would just share some photos from the wedding.

(On a side note – today Troy and I celebrated 14 years of marriage – WOW!)

     Just Pronounced Man and Wife!6

Troy gave her away.  They’ve been like brother and sister for 14 years, and fought like it too, but you know Troy would do anything for her!!  (And he did give Brett “the speech”.  The same one my father delivered to him, the day he married me!121413

Cassandra is holding a photo of my dad!  He was there is spirit!



184   of=50,332,442337Daniel was sure to dance with the Bride!        54    wedding 024 wedding 026 wedding 028

We were doing the Mocarena and Daniel charged up and down the line checking us all out.  He had everyone in stitches!wedding 030

For fun – here is one of me on my wedding day, October 19, 1996, with my little sister as the flower girl – my how things have changed!

me and cass


Dede said...

Great pictures and Happy Anniversary! We got married the same year in August. Can you believe how quickly the time has gone?

Tracey and Chuck said...

Looks like you guys all had a blast!! The pictures are all great!!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary!!!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Happy Anniversary, Rachel!!
The pictures are beautiful! Your sister looks so happy!
Have a great weekend...

Craig and Phyllis said...

Congratulations on 14 years! And I enjoyed seeing the pictures. I really like the one with you as the bride.

Carey and Norman said...

What a beautiful wedding! So glad that Troy was able to give the bride away and that he had prepared his speech for the groom! Too funny!

I loved seeing a picture from your wedding day with your little sister as the flower girl! Wow, she really has grown up! Of course, you still look as young as ever (we don't change, do we?).

Patti said...

What a beautiful wedding - loved seeing the picture of you on your wedding day too- Happy Anniversary! Our 12th anniversary is coming up in November.