Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picture Post

Well, between Facebook and my other blog, I seem to let this one go a bit by the wayside. So I'll go ahead and post a few pictures of our little man!

This past weekend Daniel and I went to visit my best friend of 18 years! We had a great time!

I found a game called Tip It for 50 cents at a yard sale (shocker right?!)- this game is fun. You use a spatula to move round disks onto pegs and try to keep it balanced. Daniel go the hang of it quick and had a blast!

In other exciting news my baby sister (yes she's 13 years younger than me!) got engaged!!!!!!! We're all so excited for her! An October 16th wedding is planned, just 3 days before Troy and my anniversary! We're all in the wedding - Daniel's ringbearer, I'm a bridesmaid, and Troy is walking Cassandra down the aisle. I wish my dad was here to see this, but I know he will be in spirit!

This weekend is wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shopping. I can't wait!


Craig and Phyllis said...

That park looks like it would be great fun for kids. And I remember Tip It!! We did not have that game, but my cousins did. I loved it. So now you know that it has been around for a LONG time! : )

Tracey and Chuck said...

Daniel is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Mama Fish said...

Oh great pictures of Daniel! He is playing that game so well! Fine motor skills ... yay!

Chris said...

Congrats to your sister! Glad you are all doing well.

Jane and Jim said...

Congrats to little sis! It'll be great for the whole fam to be in the wedding - so fun!
Daniel is just as cute as can be!

Carey and Norman said...

Great pictures...looks like Daniel is having lots of fun!

Congratulations on your sister's engagement. I'm so happy for her. And, how exciting that you are able to plan a fall wedding!

Joe and Renae said...

I love the picture with the cool shades and cute!

Teresa & Kevin said...

What cute pictures - Looks like you all had a great time!
Congratulations to your sister!!
Shopping for wedding stuff is so much fun - Have a blast!!
Happy Memorial Day!