Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unrelated - Does Anyone Need...

I have two glucose monitors that I was able to buy for free using coupons from CVS. Since I don't actually need them, I would like to offer them to any of my readers who may have adopted a child who needs one, may themselves need one, or has a family member who needs one.
If you have need of one, or know someone who does, please leave me a comment or email me, using the 'email us' link on the sidebar and I will be happy to mail them out. This will be a first come first serve. I hope someone can use these.

They are the following:

Bayer Contour (see details here)

One Touch Ultra Smart (see details here)
(I believe I have provided the correct links for the information on the monitors, but please check for accuracy.)


Joy said...

You are so sweet!! Good things will always come to you.

Cindy LaJoy said...

If you still have those monitors, you might check with John Wright who is traveling soon to Kyrgyzstan and works with orphans there...they might be able to use the monitors. You can find John at or email him at .