Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just What I Needed

Today I got just what I needed. A day off!! It is pouring the snow here and I did't make it in to work. I tried, I really did, but halfway up the mountain (yes, I cross a mountain everyday) I turned it around. No way was I commuting 45 mintues and then coming back in worse conditions!! So, I am at home and loving it. Check out my rotten babies, who just love having mommy home for the day with them. (left to right) Ruby, Jerry and Elka - spoiled? Nope!
I need to say thank you to two of my greatest friends and fellow bloggers. Yesterday Becky and Carey managed to keep me going about the adoption. I had a rotten day with no news from Russia, discovering four documents from my homestudy were notarized incorrectly, after I paid $10.00 a piece for apostilles and still feeling like we have waited too long. Both of them lifted my spirits and everything is working out. My homestudy agency emailed me this morning and offered to drive the documents to me (an hour and a half away) and they also offered to pay for the apostilles. We are taking them up on the apostilles, but it works out that Troy can pick up the documents as he is working close by there today and tomorrow. As for the no news from Russia, I keep reminding myself that God's plan for us is greater and He is watching over the right child for us at this very minute and we will hear news when He is ready.

So, another week is almost gone by and we pray that today or tomorrow, or even next week we hear news about traveling to meet our litle man.


Jane and Jim said...

First and foremost, your doggies are just precious - aren't doggies the best friends when you're down? LOVE my babies.

Anyway, yes, I can relate about being down regarding adoption. I didn't write it on my blog but they told us it may be another 3 months - why???? no one knows - she's just giving an "average" time frame. I HATE this part. I can't wait until we're both with our kiddos writing about their crazy antics- pulling doggie tales and just being kids... Don't you wish you could just go to sleep for a couple of months and wake up renewed and refreshed with a referral? I do. Hang in there. Our munchkins will come in His time.

ana & russ said...

Sorry to hear about the problems with the home study. At least the agency is paying for the apostilles. I know it's frustrating to have paperwork issues at this point, when you've been waiting for so long. Hope you get a date to travel VERY soon!

Becky and Keith said...

Thanks for the thanks! :-) Thanks back you you! (Let's see how many times I can say thanks in this post). I think I'm on the slippery slow back to Becky Downer again. Maybe it's the weather? Maybe it's something in the air? I think we all had such high hopes that, once Russia opened again, we (and they) would be off and running like horses just out of the starting gate! This too shall pass... Really, it will! ENJOY that puppy love! There is nothing like it!

Chris said...

Your doggies are cute! There is nothing better a day off, curled up on the couch and snow falling outside.

Good luck with the fundraiser! We will pray for a huge success!

Joy said...

I think the waiting game is the hard part. You have waited a long time. I have to say I think you have always been pretty positive throughout it all. You have endured many ups and downs that I have not had to encounter. God has been with you every step of the way giving you strength. All these challenges make me think back to nursing school when our motto was "What does not kill us makes us stronger" to our current nursing motto of "You can do pretty much anything for 12 hours"

I think when you least expect it you will hear that telephone call.

Carey and Norman said...

You're welcome. Ditto. I cannot thank you and Becky enough either for your communications and support as we continue to wait for news. It is so nice to have our blogs to help support one another. What would we do without them? I can't imagine.

I'm glad you had a good snow day off from work. I wish we too would have gotten snow, but it missed us. Loved the dogs picture. They are rotten, aren't they? I got to do an inspection of a local industry yesterday and they had two puppies...a Yorkie mixed with Maltese and an English Bulldog. Talk about cheering a person up. The little bulldog was so wrinkly and cute you couldn't help but love on her and smile!!

Anytime you need me, never hesitate to call or e-mail!

KimAbraham said...

I sure wish I could come to your scrapbooking party! It sounds like it will be so much fun.

It's hard to keep spirits up when there are so many unknowns beyond your control. Just know that He has a perfect plan for you. We're praying you hear something VERY SOON!

In the meantime, keep loving on those cute doggies!

KimAbraham said...

I just read an email from the Russian Yahoo group about your new region, Izhevsk. You may have already seen it, but it made me think of you. It said:

"I know many kids from the region and there are all beautiful! People remark about how much healthier they are and how well loved and cared for they are.
We visited 3 orphanages in the region, Izhevsk, Glazov. We absolutely loved the doctor in charge of the region."

I hope it will offer some comfort to you that little Daniel is being loved and cared for during your wait. Of course, compared to the love and care you are ready to shower him with, he ain't seen nothing yet!!!

Michael and Carrie said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm so sorry to hear about your documents and am glad to hear that your homestudy agency is willing to pay for them. I hope and pray that you all get good news very soon! I know it is so frustrating right now while you wait! The unknown is so hard--it is such a test of faith. There were so many days that I struggled with this before we finally got our referral after waiting for almost 12 months after submitting our dossier to CHI. I hope that your wait comes to an end very soon and that you are on your way to Iz.

By the way, your dogs are cute, and it looks like they had a fun day at home with you! :)

Hang it will happen!

MandyJo013078 said...

Rachel -
You are in my prayers ... I think of you often! I'm praying that your referral comes very soon. I'm glad you got a day off w/ out work and got to stay with the puppies they are the best therapy! Have a good weekend and stay warm it's so cold here - it was -9 degrees outside I can't believe it's so cold!

Tami said...

If I could, I'd come to the cropping. I love to scrapbook - although I rarely find the time. But I'm afraid that (a) I won't be back to the U.S. in time to join up...and (b) even if I did, I don't like anywhere near you! :)
This process can get overwhelming at times, but you're doing great. Hang in there!

Christine said...

I'm sorry about the wrong docs. What a bummer. I hate this part of adoption.

Janine said...

It's nice to take a day off. That must have felt good to snuggle with the furkids on a cold, cold day.

I'm hoping everyday for your good news. Hang in there...I'm cheering for you!!

Dede said...

Sorry to hear about the paperwork problems but it sounds like you have a handle on it and the right attitude. All of these delays are just part of the process that will get you to YOUR child at the right time. Hang in there!

Patti said...

I'm getting caught up with your blog - Ugh, paperwork can be such a headache sometimes. It can be hard to stay positive about things. I'm glad that your homestudy is paying for the apostille. At least all of this is getting taken care of here, rather than a mistake that Russia would have noticed - as you know, they are very particular about documents.

Becky and Keith said...

Can you believe I am just now posting?? I wish I could have a puppy day soon. I think I might be in need of one! Hope you had a great weekend!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

The waiting is so hard but you have the right perspective. Having it and holding on to it can prove to be two different things. You have to fight to hold on to it. It feels so good to be able to say on the other side, "I knew He was there all the time and that His perfect timing prevailed and for x, y, and z reasons, I'm SO glad it did."